Are you a sports enthusiast or photographer? Are you looking to capture those stunning moments? Well, capturing the action of a thrilling sports event requires some set of skills. Whether it is rugby, soccer, tennis or any other sports event, it is a wonderful feeling to get that one good shot of the action.

But how do people get those good shots you always see in newspapers? In this guide, we discuss the top tips on sports photography that can help you as a beginner to take the best shot of the game.

1. Get a lens that has a zoom range of at least 200mm

Getting a focal lens that is about 200mm will provide you with the necessary length you require. It will allow you to move closer to the action without having to zoom into the subject.


In addition, it provides you with a good opportunity not to isolate your subject. The most common beginner lenses you can start with include Nikkor AF-S or the Canon Ef100-300mm.

2. Never use full-automatic mode

Using full automatic mode is a common mistake always made by beginners in photography. Most amateurs in photography usually set their camera to fully automatic mode or pre-mode labeled action or sport.

While these may work on some occasions, for you to get to the next level, you require a semi-manual mode. In this way, you will be able to focus on your subject and get the best shot.

3. Faster shutter speed

In sports photography, you will always want to ensure that the shutter speed of your camera is first enough to capture the quick moving bodies. Having a shutter speed of 1/500th of a second is okay to freeze the movement and capture the best of the object with a fine focus. It is recommended that you should not go below this speed.

4. Use aperture priority mode

In a typical DSLR, the modes are automatic. An aperture determines the level of light that is taken into a camera sensor.


In case you are using a digital SLR camera, then you need not to worry about setting the aperture, but rather the shutter speed. Whenever there is lighter in the camera, it allows for shutter speed, thus helping to freeze the action.

5. Watch ISO

Shutter speeds are very important in determining the correct exposure in action sport photography, you need to use aperture speed, shutter speed, and ISO. Whenever you are shooting from semi-manual modes, you will need to set the ISO by yourself.

You need to consider both time, speed, and location in the event that you are photographing. However, for a bright sunny day, having an ISO 0f 400 is key.

6. Use burst and auto focus mode

In order for your camera to preserve up with the fast moments of the subject, you need to set it to continuously focus. Besides, you focus should be on the subject and not on one lock spot. In addition, you need to set the camera to rake multiple images by defining the best frames per second.