Most of the modern homes have a preserved backyard or a space around the house. Such outdoor areas are mostly for recreation or dining purposes, where obtaining outdoor furniture enhances the experience when either hanging out with family and friends, maybe dining or resting after swimming, in case you have a swimming pool around.

Improvements in terms of designs and material selection have made modern furniture appear and feel more elegant and stylish. Different materials are used to make outdoor furniture including metal, wood, plastic, and fabric. While selecting materials for constructing such furniture, the manufacturers aim at increasing durability and strength to ensure long lasting products.

In this article, you will find some of the places where you can buy contemporary outdoor furniture for your patio and backyard.

1. Lumens light and living

When it comes to the selection of great furniture for your outdoor space, Lumens Light and Living is absolutely a place to find them. You can choose from a variety of their furniture designs ranging from dining to lounging furniture. They offer shipping services where you can order for furniture online through their website. The website provides images of several of their samples which can help you make a decision; therefore, visit their website before ordering and scroll through available furniture.

2. Guangzhou Quan Xi Trading Co. Limited

This company has been exporting products including outdoor furniture for many years now. You can place your order online on their website, and your furniture will be shipped and delivered to you.


There is a variety of furniture to choose from, with a range of quality and prices. The company has one primary objective of providing quality services to its customers and ensuring that there are minimal or zero complaints.

3. Overstock

Overstock crafts and delivers outdoor furniture to customers with their excellent shipping services. They offer quality furniture from outdoor sofas, tables to pool lounges, at affordable prices.

The company aims at delivering products to their clients in time with minimal shipping charges. You can access their website,, and order your preferred furniture online.

4. CB2

If you want furniture that will bring fashion and elegance to your patio and outdoor space, then you might consider ordering from CB2 ( They provide furniture including outdoor sofas, tables, wooden flower pots among others. For first time customers, they get to benefit a 15% discount, and after spending $200, they give you a $20 cut off.

5. Alibaba is also a perfect place to order and buy outdoor furniture from any region in the world. They offer shipping services to their customers meaning one can order online with free quotations. Their website has a provision for a subscription where they send you emails containing various of their products.


Buying outdoor furniture may be entirely different from indoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is exposed to sun and rain; therefore, the type you choose determines how long the furniture will serve you.


Therefore, anytime you want to obtain outdoor furniture, you must put into considerations various aspects. These factors include affordability, type, and quality of the material plus whether the outdoor space has a shade or not. Your location is also a consideration to make more so where shipping of such furniture is required, so establish how accessible it can be for deliveries to efficient.