The two are often confused to be the same but there are some subtitle differences in their tasks. Its important to note that residential architect are architects’ not designers.


An architect has a wider training and experience as compared to the residential designer. They are mostly associated with the outside skeleton of the house and not the decor but just the building itself and how to maximize on space. Their main duties are bidding, inspection and construction processes. They are guided by the principle of human occupancy and hence Architects focus mainly on individuals who are trying to make private space.


They meet with the clients who are looking into building a home or upgrade their stay residence. After this they establish the client’s financial blue print for their project and design the plans for them that may suit their purpose. Architects build up the entire structural design for the clients in coordination with what they want and need and the building of design as well as the space there is.

Their duties are:
Face to face meeting with clients to offer their services

Create drawings and plans for projects to be constructed

Design and oversee building and construction of ornamentation.

Assist clients in seeking material for building based on pricing and design.

Design the electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling components of the building.


To be a certified residential designer one must have attained at least a degree in architecture or masters in it,

Residential designers

They are also referred to as the interior architect as they combine their well trained and qualified technical skills and knowledge in creativity for development of plans of their clients’ home to improve functionality, comfort ability and appearance.

They are mostly based on the eye impression principle.

They work hand in hand with clients to ensure they get the best fittings and house interior designs to their houses with the aspects of the architectural aspects.

Residential designers

They have an artistic flair as their main business is on interior design through the craft learnt at school for qualification to operate. They help out the clients to decide what materials are needed and help in prices seeking as they may know vendors who deal with the materials. They oversee progress and ensure it sticks to plan in order not to disappoint the clients’ expectations. A residential designer should ensure that he or she is updated with the modern designs in order not to miss a client’s purpose and also the trends in the market.


A residential designer should be able to analyze the blue print of the clients and know what to do with his or her money and still make an earning out of it. They should ensure they are key on the small and big details that the client requires. Apart from that they should be flexible in all areas be it office designs, house deigns or even commercial interiors.


For one to be certified to be residential designer they must meet the required at least a masters in the field of practice or a masters in it.