As the name implies, emotional intelligence exercises and activities are efforts to construct, build, and preserve the emotional intelligence, frequently known as EI or EQ to get emotional quotient. You may select whatever exercise that you would like to operate on first to practice. I would not advise opting for each one of the exercises simultaneously, so be tactical about this and only select a couple you wish to handle first, then proceed onto another and so forth.

The arrangement is also significant since without self-awareness you cannot work on self-management etc.

Exercises for Emotional Intelligence

1. Why do you do the things that you do?

Consciously monitor the things which you’re performing and begin asking yourself why you’re performing them. Can it be to you, for somebody else, what is the motive, is the most crucial thing that you have to be doing at this time? Create an inventory of all that you do daily and write down why you can do it.


This can allow you to identify what is most significant and if you’re spending your time together. It is going to help you learn how to concentrate and better understand yourself. Get More Information here.

2. Visit your values

Consistent with the aforementioned, should you notice that you’re performing matters for the incorrect reasons and particularly whenever these matters occupy the most of your time, something is certainly not likely right as it is out of your faith.

Again, listing your own values and profound beliefs and compare these with current events record which you have from workout one. Which are the postings and why? This will also enable you to focus.

3. Reflect on how you feel right now

For to know what you believe, you have to take the time to we hardly ever do this. A simple means to do it would be to write down it by copying the emotion, even or even in the moment, at least afterwards by attempting to bring down it again. So can it be anger, happiness, despair, burnout etc.? Following is a complete listing you may utilize.

4. Make a list of your daily emotions


Building up about the aforementioned that targets the today, it is useful to bring a little more time and reflect upon what you have felt throughout the day to be able to get to know yourself. In the day, have a feelings diary and divide each page into 2 columns: the left is to your feelings at which you record them from the hour, the correct one is to get the circumstance which surrounded emotion.