A new year is a chance to make some changes in your life and your family home. Regardless of whether you’re planning a complete redesign project or just want to add some modern touches, you should pay attention to new design trends and make your home appear fresh and bright again.

At the same time, you should bear in mind that even with all the changes, your home should have a certain timeless quality because it will be used by your family for the years to come.

Plants, plants, plants

Incorporating plants in your family home is one of the biggest trends of 2019. It can be done as a part of almost any style, because depending on what kind of plants you use, you could fit them in both modern and more rustic home designs.

If there’s any overall rule as to what plants to choose – it’s to go big. Large lush plants will dominate the livings spaces, this year and it will make them appear more lively and hospitable.

Have in mind that when you incorporate plants in your design, you’re also committing yourself to taking care of them and maintaining them, which can be a chore.

Bold colors

This is the year to go bold with your color selection. It’s something that’s often advised because it’s simple and it brings new life to the home. However, many homeowners are skeptical about it because it may appear distasteful and tacky if done poorly.

The key to doing it is not to go overboard. The design is at its most effective when there are only one or two points within a room that are colored brightly and that attract attention right away. Too much of it will make the room less comfortable and less focused.

Lush design

With all the discussion about minimalism lately, lush and rich designs are getting a bad rap. There’s really no reason for it because minimalism is more about lifestyle than design and organized life is possible in a nice looking home. For instance, project home builders from Sydney create simple and slick homes that contrast well with lush and complex home décor.

When you go for such a design option, you’ll be able to experiment not just with colors and furniture, but also with patterns, and materials that you use. Adding plants and artwork is also an option as long as you have an overarching theme.

Reused materials

Eco-friendly homes are becoming a growing trend for 2019 but also for the years to come. It isn’t just about your home looks, but also about creating sustainable living conditions and doing your part to fight global warming. It starts with the reusing, recycling, and repurposing building materials.

For most homes, this will be most noticeable in the use of wood and possible marble for the kitchen countertops. Purchasing reused materials won’t jeopardize the look and feel of your home, but it will be cost-effective and more sustainable.

Tearing down walls

When it comes to large-scale changes in design trends, the most prevalent one is to have large multipurpose rooms. This is done by tearing down walls and creating open plan space throughout the home.

When you have such a setup, interior design becomes even more important, since it’s used to mark the difference between two spaces. For instance, if you tear down the wall between a kitchen and a dining room, it’s up to the changes in design to signify where one room becomes another. It’s especially useful to use different floor materials and different wall colors to make this even more noticeable.


Ceilings are often overlooked and there’s not that much thought put into designing them. This is soon about to change since statement ceilings are becoming a thing everyone wants to try. Painting and designing of the ceiling should be done to attract attention and make the room more vibrant.

As is the case with all accentuation in design, the key is not to go overboard and to make sure that the ceiling isn’t a distraction, but a part of the design as a whole.


Interior design is changing and in 2019 you should try to apply some of the new trends to your home. Have in mind that, the home isn’t just there to look good, it should be livable and comfortable at the same time.