A good paint should be affordable and yet durable for one to get a thumbs up for a good job done. Painting is quiet easy and one can do it themselves but it’s always good to have an expert to do it for you. The paint selection may be from a couple of factors that include:

Cost effectiveness

You surely do not what to buy expensive paint just to paint a room only of an entire house and leave the rest of the house just like that. For low budget expenditure use plat paints then let your paint expert make creative patters to make your house look elegant.


Understanding the location of the house is quite important as this will influence the color choice. A house in an area where it warm should attract paint that is of a light shade such as blue or green.
If the house is in a dusty are you do not want your paint to be of waste and so out should select color that is dull and not easily noticeable on dust.

Building type

The building design or purpose should guide one to the color. A work place should not have dull colors as people might get in the dull mood while at work. A junior school should have easy to clean paint as the children may crayon the walls and this may need some cleaning or else you may end up buying paint more often.

A movie lounge and a bedroom should have a calm vibe so do not have bright touch to it.

Taste and preference

You obviously want a paint that suits your character. If you are a social person go get the brightly colored paints for you house invite your friends and family and see how it goes.


Safety always comes first and some paints are volatile when exposed to fire. Water based paints are best for areas such as the kitchen either in hotels or at home. In factories also kindly avoid using oiled based paint as you may end up regretting once there is a fire outbreak.

Furniture and Fittings

For a house furniture and fittings should be a guide to matching with the walls color. if your furniture is expensive look for an rich color that matches your taste. Choose paints that match your fabrics , finishes and furniture.


You do not want to mix colors that do color crash and so it’s wise if you instead color blocked your theme. This will endure you have an ambiance that’s not questionable. This can be done by use of complementing neutrals.

Surface that is being painted

You do not want to waste your paint as this is money being wasted. Different paints are used in different surfaces such as a metal paint is different from that of wall paint.

Light in the area

The highly bright areas should not be confused by painting extremely bright colors but instead should have a calm vibe in order to neutralize this. This guide will totally assist you to select the right paint that will save on both your money and design