The trends of architecture always change, but there definitely are those classics that we always run to. Building with wood, for example, is still very popular, even though it’s a material that even the oldest of buildings were constructed from. Steel, on the other hand, is very popular with skyscrapers, large buildings and garages. However, structural steel can be, and should be used for constructing other buildings as well. It’s a great material that we more often than not take for granted, and building with it has many advantages. But what are those? Why should you opt for structural steel frame construction?

The building is faster

You know the good old saying “time is money”– and it definitely is. All clients want their building to be under the budget and ahead of schedule, and sometimes this is very difficult to achieve. Steel certainly changes the game in this department, as it makes the whole process of building is much faster. Steel parts are pre-engineered to fit a specific design, which happens inside the manufacturing plant. This means that when they are shipped out, the only thing that’s left to be done is to be erected. This definitely speeds up the whole process and cuts the construction time, allowing the project to be finished in a matter of weeks. Since everything is already pre-engineered, the option of making a mistake and re-measuring, cutting and installing the construction again is impossible.

Lighter than wood

There’s always been a rivalry between steel and wood as materials. Even though it might be surprising at first (mostly because in general, steel is heavier than wood), a steel frame is always lighter than the lightest wood beam design. This also reduces the shipping costs of the material and can also simplify the actual design of the building and its components.

It can save money

The advantage that you will probably find the most helpful is the fact that using steel frame constructions might save you money in the long run. Why’s that? First of all, steel can be recycled. Due to the fact that it’s in the public interest to decrease unnecessary construction waste, recycling steel and metal building components is a big thing right now. Moreover, steel is very durable and requires little to no maintenance. This is why it’s a more economical choice for building owners. If you opt for this, you will most certainly save a lot on maintenance fees, repairs and replacements, even in the course of the next 50 years or more. Finally, the construction will last for a shorter period of time which means fewer interest payments to the lender.

Steel is versatile

There’s no material that’s as versatile as steel is. It can be molded into technically any shape imagined and this is another reason why many opt for this material. It can also be a very attractive option for the residential market if planned right. Not only will opting for steel help you let your imagination run wild and design whatever you want, but you will also be able to do so with a material that’s both safe and resilient. Steel is so versatile that it’s used in constructions such as airplane hangars, agricultural buildings, indoor arenas and warehouses too. However, it’s this versatility and flexibility that made steel popular in the residential sector as well. Walls that are made out of steel are slowly becoming more and more popular, mostly because they are cost-efficient and they indeed look nice. Steel and metal can be used also for siding and roofing materials, which will definitely outlast any wooden counterparts.

It’s eco-friendly

Finally, it’s important to remember that we live in the 21st century and that choosing sustainable and eco-friendly materials is important as well. Luckily for us, steel is one such material as it’s made from recycled materials that can be recycled again. This is a great way to earn some points in major green building certification programs. Steel buildings are also quite energy efficient as they are air-tight and comfortable.

To sum up, opting for steel frame construction has definitely more pros than cons, and this is why every construction company should opt for it. If you choose materials of the highest quality and a builder who’s well-experienced, you might produce an amazing building that’s not only quite aesthetic but also durable and comfortable.