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Priorities to Take Care Of When Moving in a New House

Most people just want to unpack and generally engage in the organization of their new place when they move. However, before you set out to do this, there are certain things that are a priority when moving into your new home and these should be tended to before you unpack everything and try to finally relax. 

Check that everything’s in good working order

Of course, electricity and appliances have to be inspected before purchasing the house but you never know what could happen. This is why it’s important to check all the outlets, switches and appliances to make sure everything’s working properly in your new downtown Columbus apartment. This is why it’s important to check all the outlets, switches and appliances to make sure everything’s working properly. The sooner you do this, the better the chances that you’ll be able to have something fixed that same day if you actually happen to find something wrong. And it’s always easier to deal with this before you have all of your stuff unpacked. As you do the check-up, you might also want to inspect and label the fuse box as well as replace the batteries in your smoke alarm. 


Make sure there are no leaks

This particular check-up might be more challenging compared to the previous one as you probably won’t be able to notice if there are some minor leaks and plumbing issues until you start using your bath/shower and sink actively. But major leaks and plumbing problems can always be spotted. Hopefully, this aspect of your new home has been checked and given a green light to before the move, but it’s still something to do, just in case. Structural problems, condensation and, obviously, leaks are signs that something’s wrong in this department and needs a quick repair. 

Change your locks

You never know who might have a spare key to your new home. After all, the previous owners could have easily forgotten that they have given it to someone or they might have lost it only for someone shady to pick it up. Things like these might be completely far-fetched but it still doesn’t change the fact that changing your locks should be at the top of your priority list when moving houses. What’s more, it’s important to work with renowned locksmiths in the area that you know you can trust. And just imagine the stress when getting locked out from your own home! This scenario is possible, too, especially in a new house you’re still not used to. Therefore, always keep the Locked Out service contact information at your porch and in your phone for these unexpected circumstances. 


Clean the place up

Even though it might look clean, you should still do a thorough clean-up of your new home to make it more suitable for yourself. Simply using the cleaning solutions and techniques you’re accustomed to will make the house more personal, without the lingering scent of the previous owners. Not to mention that you’ll instantly make the environment safer and healthier, especially if the place hasn’t been cleaned for a couple of days before you moved in. You definitely don’t want to unpack all of your things and bring the furniture in when there’s dust and maybe even dirt lying around. 

Redirect your post properly

When it comes to your bills, bank statements and regular correspondence, it’s crucial that you make sure that all the providers have your new address. You might want to have your post redirected for a while as well. That way, you’ll be 100% positive that everything is in order and with a proper address. After all, you don’t want to miss paying your bills on time or, even worse, have your bank statements arrive to a previous address where they’ll be left for a stranger to see. 


You can always take a couple of days off work to deal with the move properly, which is also another thing you might want to include as a priority since you’ll have to notify your boss about the leave. But, keep in mind that it’s always better to be thorough and do things at your own pace than rushing things and ending up with more problems later on.

A Clean-Up Checklist: What to Do When Moving Out?

As excited as you might be for moving out and getting to a new place, there are many things you have to think about before you lock the door of the old place and move all of your stuff to the new one. Some of the things are fun (getting rid of a pile of junk is very satisfying) while others are outright stressful (we’re looking at you, packing checklist). In order to help you transition from one place to another as smoothly as possible, we’ve prepared a clean-up checklist you will love:

“Attack” the bathroom

If you’re hoping to make your bathroom sparkle and shine when you move out, all you need is an all-purpose cleaner which you can easily make on your own using lemon, vinegar, and baking soda. The best thing is that it’s perfectly natural and you can use it for every surface in your home too, not just the bathroom. Arm yourself with a sponge and rubber gloves and “attack” the floors, tub, sink, and toilet bowl, and if you notice any mold or stains in the corners, just use a toothbrush to get rid of it.

Decide what you’re letting go

Even though some people are willing to move entire houses across the country (it’s not uncommon in New Zealand, Chile, and the US), moving is a chance for you to leave something behind and get a fresh start. This is especially important if you’re throwing a lot of things out in the first place, as Australians are known for doing when moving. It doesn’t matter if they’re moving from the suburbs and need their garden waste removed or they’re changing apartments and want to get rid of old couches and bikes, people are relying on experts for junk removal in Sydney. This way, they will dispose of the waste in a responsible way and start over in the new apartment with “no strings attached”.

Wipe down walls

You might think that painting the walls is the only way to make sure they’re clean, but it’s not the case. If you’re looking to remove any dirt or tape residue from the walls of your home, you can wipe them down using a soft cloth soaked with warm water. If you have children and notice crayon and pen marks on the walls, you could also use mild soap as it will not cause damage. You should also remove all nails from the walls and use spackle for the holes, and if you notice any scratches or marks, use a trisodium phosphate substitute and a magic eraser to cover them up.

Leave appliances spotless

You wouldn’t believe how dirty all of the common appliances can get until you try to clean them up. Grime, dirt, and grease will stick to everything in your apartment, especially the appliances you keep in the kitchen such as the fridge, microwave, and the stove. With a simple sponge and an all-purpose cleaning solution (you can use the same one you prepared for your bathroom), wipe the surface of the appliances to remove residue build-up and clean any stains. Also, make sure you wipe inside of the oven as well as the microwave because accidental spills will leave food particles behind.

You might want to get out of your old apartment as soon as possible and get all settled in your new place, but you shouldn’t rush things too much. When you start early and take your time, you’ll be more likely to cover everything and get your deposit back, and both you and your old landlord will be happy with how things worked out.

Things to Do After Moving into a New House

When moving into a new place, there are too many things that you’ll have to do in order to make it match your lifestyle and rise up to your living standards. We’re talking about security, safety, hygiene, pragmatism and lifestyle. This is a process that can take weeks but not every single one of these tasks can be considered a priority. With that in mind and without further ado, here are five things you should do as soon as you move into a new house.

Changing locks

The first priority after moving into a new house needs to be safety. First of all, you need to keep in mind the fact that you don’t know who else has the key to your home. Even if a previous tenant did return their key, there’s no guarantee that they didn’t make a copy. Also, you don’t know how many of their friends, relatives and ex-partners have the key as well. The easiest way to make sure that you’re safe is to simply replace the front door lock. Also, try to inspect the perimeter in order to check if there are any security flaws in the area.

Update your contact info

The next thing you should do, which is also a thing that a lot of people forget doing is update your contact info. You need to officially alter your address, as well as let people know that you’re no longer in your previous household. Keep in mind that there are also some subscriptions that you might want to keep, so make sure to let them know to which address they should send their products/magazines/promotional materials next. All in all, updating your contact info doesn’t take long yet it does make a difference.

Get emergency contacts

Another thing you should keep an eye out for is the various emergency contacts that you need. You see, in your previous neighborhood, you probably knew exactly who to call when you notice a leak, a power outage and a car breakdown. You need to update on this as well. Previously, we’ve talked about changing the front door lock, so finding a reliable locksmith to help you out is the first step. Another thing you need is a reliable emergency electrician, one that can get there in no time. An emergency plumber is also a must-have while the rest is optional.

Clean the place

Even though the place may look clean, the truth is that you don’t really know the habits of the people previously living there. Therefore, it’s quite hazardous to just assume that they always behaved admirably and kept the place clean. It’s also a smart move to replace the toilet seat, which is a minor expense that could make a major difference in the overall health and safety within the household. It might even be a good idea to hire a cleaning agency to do some work on the place as soon as you’re about to move in.


Finally, it goes without saying that the place won’t feel like it’s yours until you unpack all your boxes and enrich it with your personal belongings. Your personal items are what gives the place a character, so by unpacking, what you’ll really do is personalize the place to the best of your abilities. You can either plan everything out or know exactly where everything goes the minute you open the first box. Either way, the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get over with it.

The very last thing you should keep in mind is the fact that moving into a new place isn’t something that you do every single day, which is why undergoing an extra bit of effort to ensure it’s done properly shouldn’t be that much of a problem. Moreover, the majority of these tasks are something that you only have to do once. The benefits of doing so properly are great while the downsides of ignoring them might end up being catastrophic.

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