If you like the feasibility of Roman shades but cast them off because of the worry that they do not provide sufficient style, you let pass a cheap and flexible means to cover the windows in your house. Roman shades can be used to establish or augment the atmosphere in any interior decoration, either solely or combined with various window treatments. With endless options, Roman shades can become the resort window treatment for all the rooms in your house.


Roman shades are firmer, less selective, and more innovative. They can offer you a more well-designed architectural expression than full-size curtains in most cases. Additionally, Roman shades provide a practical appeal. However, not all Roman shades are made the same. Here is a guide on custom roman shades for your window treatment.

Assessing the Fabric

To start, you need to select the fabric material you want for your d├ęcor. Most people are believers of natural materials. The ideal fabric used to make Roman shades is the Belgian Linen. It is used due to its ability to retain its shape and its durability.

The linen does not cast-off fibers like other artificial materials because of its natural rough texture. It is exceptionally durable and can last for years when maintained properly.

Choosing Style Alternatives

The next step is choosing the style of your Roman shade. The best way of selecting the style is considering the way you desire the shade to rest when in a closed position. Although most people are enthusiasts of the Cascade and Flat Roman shade styles, do not shy off from getting to know about the Tulip, Pleated, or Relaxed roman shades.


Once you have selected the fabric and style of your Roman shade, you will need to determine the amount of light you are going to need in the specific rooms. The lining is fabric that is stitched behind the shade to regulate the amount of light getting in a room, and giving shape to the shade itself. For example, you can have blackout linings on your master bedroom shades.

Mounting Options

If you feel that a roman shade will save on your space, then you have to decide on the most suitable mount. These options essentially relate to whether the mounts will go on the outside or the inside of your window panel.


This is basically whether this will go inside your window sill or outside. For Flat, Cascade, or Front Slat Roman shades, installing mounts on the inside is recommended. They fit in the flush, appear less, and puts an accent to the shades.

For Relaxed or Tulip Roman shades, use an outside mount if possible. Although it is possible to replace these with outside mounts, controlling light and the design is well matched by exterior mounts because of the curved state of these shades.

Control Methods

Due to advancements in technology, you can now choose from either motorized or manual Roman shades. If the safety of your pets or children comes first, motorized and cordless controls are the most effective choice for Roman shades.

We hope the above considerations will help you in choosing the Roman shade window treatment that best suits your requirements.