Many states in the USA are more probable to be hit by storms and hurricanes every year. Hurricanes that move through Miami Florida cause severe damage to homes and buildings now and then especially the areas more prone to flooding, and homes that have old roofing and are poorly constructed.

Regular windows cannot resist the pressure of hurricane -sized winds and are easily broken. This is where impact glass windows and hurricane shutters come into play in protecting your family and home.

But which of these options is best fitted to your needs? This article discusses the battle of impact glass windows vs hurricane shutters.

Impact Glass Windows

Since their invention in the 20th century, impact glass windows are having an increasing trend for hurricane protection in the US. It is definitely one of the best ways of protecting your home from catastrophic hurricanes as it can withstand up to 200 mph blowing hurricane wind. A impact glass in Miami for your home will keep it protected from the annual Miami hurricanes.


When deciding the product to install, it is essential that you assess it’s return on investment. Impact glass windows provide an eighty to eighty-six per cent return on investment. More so, it can act as home security against intruders who will have to break the glass first. This won’t be very easy for looters or intruders.

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters have significant similarity with impact glass windows as they are also used as a protection cover against hurricanes and storms. They are installed over regular glass windows to avoid the windows to get damaged.


Hurricane shutters can also be installed over impact glass for a hundred per cent protection from hurricanes. Hurricanes shutters are mostly made from steel and aluminium but there are also wooden shutters that are cheaper and less strong than the aluminium shutters. The return on investment for hurricane shutters is approximately fifty per cent.


Both hurricane shutters and impact glass windows offer protection against hurricanes, but they differ in some aspects. Impact glass windows are more costly than hurricane shutters. They can be installed without the need for hurricane shutters.

Hurricane shutters still offer the ultimate protection for your home when installed without impact glass and go for a lesser cost. Consider your budget and evaluate the best way to protect your possession.