For every single one of us, our homes should be our own personal sanctuaries, where we can relax and unwind after a particularly long and difficult day. In order to make this possible, our homes should reflect our own personal styles as much as possible.

However, many people find it difficult to transfer their personal style and preferences onto their interiors, which is why they can often feel uncomfortable in their own homes. If you too are not sure how to implement your own personal taste into your home’s interior and thus create a comfortable and welcoming environment you could feel completely relaxed in and you could enjoy to the fullest, check out some of these tips.

Make a list

Before you start redecorating your home, see to it that you make a list of all the things you enjoy, as well as all the things that don’t quite make you comfortable. This will allow you to create a clear picture of the things you should aim at implementing in your interior as well as things you should definitely steer clear from. On the list, include your favorite materials, fabrics, patterns, finishes, styles and colors and see how you can marry them together in a cohesive whole. Additionally, do know that you don’t have to choose a single style for your home, but you can mix and match numerous different styles as long as they make sense together.


Start with the living room

Once you’ve created the list, a good place to start would be your living room. This is the room people usually spend the majority of their free time in, so it only makes sense that this should be your starting point. In the living room, you should first make sure that the seating furniture you choose to implement is, above all else comfortable and that it offers opulent space. That’s why it would be best to think in terms of statement modular lounges when choosing your seating arrangements, as they offer the ability to be adjusted according to your current needs. Furthermore, make sure you layer different fabrics and materials throughout the room to give it some visual depth and make it as cozy and as inviting as possible.

Don’t forget the entryway

The entryway is a part of the home people usually forget to pay attention to when it comes to decorating. However, this is very wrong as the entryway presents the perfect opportunity for you to introduce people to what they can expect to see throughout the rest of your home. Here, make a personal statement about your style by filling your entryway with numerous décor that means something to you personally. For instance, you can choose to embellish it with a statement gallery wall and frame and hang all of your favorite photos. Furthermore, you can also make a personal statement with your key or coat hanger by choosing to DIY it with your kids and make something beautiful and unique together.


Make your bedroom your own personal haven

The bedroom is definitely another room that requires some special treatment as this is the room where you will retire at the end of the day. That being said, this room needs to be cozy and comfortable through and through, so invest in top-notch bedding, make sure you add a fluffy rug next to your bed and carefully choose the color palette. You should aim at implementing colors and materials you absolutely adore – once again refer to your list – so that you create a space where you feel safe, relaxed and, most importantly, comfortable.

Therefore, approach the matter of decorating your home as you would a blank canvas. There are so many possibilities and ways you can choose to go in, but the best piece of advice we can give you is to always follow your heart and fill your home with things that make you feel inspired, comfortable and good.