If you enjoy shooting hoops in your driveway, then you might love the idea of installing your own basketball court in your backyard. How awesome would that be? The court would skyrocket your skills, among other things, because you’d have a lot of time to practice. Trust me; it’s a good investment. It might eat into your pockets a little bit, but it will be worth it in the long run.

The cost of installing a backyard basketball court varies according to different variables such as size, is it full court which measures 94*100ft or half-court which measures 47*50ft.

Cost of a full-court is more or less twice that of a half basketball court. How you choose to go about the installation of the court also will determine how much money you will spend. Let’s get into specifics so that we can better understand.

The foundation

Building the foundation is the most expensive part of the whole process. Most of the backyards are not levelled or flat, and the drainage has to be built. Levelling will need some excavation before the process of making the foundation. Levelling of the ground could have an estimate of around $1500-$5000.


After the levelling and installation of the foundation, the next step is placing the concrete which might cost you around $9,000- $20000. You have a choice of leaving the court with the concrete and using it the way it is, which will save money on the playing surface. This choice, however, has cons. For starters, because basketball can be a little ruff, the possibility of scrapping your knees and elbows on the concrete is high. The concrete also wears out footwear quicker than usual.

The Playing surface choices

There are choices when it comes to the type of surface you’d like. We’ve already seen the option of leaving the concrete as it is. When you choose to put a cover on the pavement to protect from burns and wearing your shoes out, you might need to consider installing rhino courts or Versa court floors.

These types of floors are plastic polymers, which mean they are softer, smoother and are best for rough games check out this contact form and get in touch with the best rhino courts floor contractors.

Hardwood is also an option for your playing surface. They can be custom made according to your preference in color or team logo. Hardwood surfaces come already cut according to your dimensions and installed as you would put together a jigsaw puzzle. The estimated cost for a playing surface is around $9000-$10000.



You can’t have a basketball court without hoops now, can you? Since you are spending quite a sum of money on the whole installation process, it would make sense to get a good quality basketball hoop for your court. A cheap and bobbly one will only make you go back into your pockets to do replacements or repairs sooner rather than later. The right quality hoop with a longer life span will see you spend between, $300- $2000.


Now that you have put up the most crucial parts of your backyard basketball court, some extra features are optional. These options include lighting so that you can enjoy shooting hoops at night, which might cost you roughly from $1000 onwards.

A net or fence around the court to tame the ball from wondering off might cost $8 and onwards foot.

On average you’ll expect to use overall of around $25,000 for a regular half-court, and including the extras, you can expect to be short by maybe $35,000. Remember to do an estimate of a full-court you will double the forecast of the half basketball court.

Having a backyard basketball court will help improve your skills and even add value to your home. Therefore it is an investment that you will be glad you made.