When designing your house, you can opt for standard bedrooms or master bedrooms. But if you are thinking of giving your child the ideal bedroom, you will need to consider factors such as their interests, their age, and the size of the bedroom.

There is no right size of a child’s bedroom but rearranging and decorating one can make a bedroom look bigger and very comfier.

It is often the norm to allocate the children the standard bedrooms while you remain with the master bedroom. However, if you are building a new house or rebuilding one, it is necessary to consider the child’s interests. A typical standard bedroom measures about 10 by 10 feet: there are bedrooms which are as small as 7′ by 10′ though. There are bedrooms which can measure up to 15′ by 15′. It all depends on what you want.


If you buy a house or rent one which comes with standard bedrooms, then the best you can do is redesign it to fit your child’s lifestyle and interests. You can need to Learn More from an expert who has experience in designing children’s bedrooms.

what to consider when designing a child’s bedroom

1. Paint – Matt paints might not be the best choice because you want the walls to stay immaculate for longer. Emulsion paint should help you achieve a grand look and will last for longer. Also, look for paints that are resistant to scuffs and crayon marks.

2. Play area – Your child will want to have some private space where they can indulge in their favorite games. Consider leaving some space for them to play. A carpet or a comfy rug will go a long way at helping your child enjoy and love their bedroom.

Baby bed for a young teenager in a ship style with a lifeline and nautical décor. Modern interior of a child's room in a nautical theme. 3D render.

3. The age of the child – The bedroom should be big enough to accommodate them even when they are five years older. If you have rented the house, this might not be possible. When designing the child’s bedroom, consider their interests; the color, the murals, the size, and so on. To put all these things into consideration will help you avoid redesigning the bedroom every other year.

4. The bed – Having the right size of the bed is critical. Many parents opt for a full-size single bed for their children’s bedroom. Such a bed does not take up a lot of space, and it can be used for many years by the child. You have a number of beds to choose from, though. You can go for the extendable beds, double beds, bunk beds, or even storage beds.

Your financial position matters a great deal when it comes to deciding the right size of your child’s bedroom. Still, if you can’t afford a big bedroom, use the above ideas to make the most of what you have. The child’s tastes and preferences determine, to a great extent, how big or small a bedroom can be.