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6 Ways to Give Your Old Home a New Stylish Look

Moving to a different home due to the fact that you dislike the style of your current one is probably the most expensive idea that you’ll ever get. Of course, there are so many valid reasons to move, ranging from finding a location you like more, moving for work and getting a better piece of property. Nonetheless, the fact that you dislike your home’s current look isn’t one of them. Why? Well, because there are so many things you can do to influence this and here are six of them.

  1. Crown molding

There’s no simpler, cheaper and more efficient way to add some elegance to the room than using crown molding. The types of crown you can use should depend on the layout of the place, the overall size of the room, the choice of color, as well as on the design of furniture. Some elements like lighted crowd molding require a tad more work and are somewhat more expensive. However, they add a soft ambient glow to the room. Traditionalists, on the other hand, are more likely to go with a standard three-piece crown molding.

  1. Painting accent wall

In a scenario where you aim to refresh the room a bit, without spending too much money or materials, you should consider the idea of painting the accent wall. What this means is that you find a natural focal point of the room and paint the wall behind it, while leaving the rest of the room virtually untouched. Due to the fact that the focal point naturally gets more attention than the rest of the room, you’ll create an impression that the rest of the room is in this hue, as well. All of this gets achieved with the fraction of paint and effort spent.

  1. Consider rebuilding

The main reason why people rearrange and remodel their home is due to the fact that they’re afraid of rebuilding. Nonetheless, according to experts behind a prestigious knock down rebuild Sydney company, when performed by the right contractor, rebuilding can be significantly cheaper. Think about it, when it comes to changing things, there’s nothing that can top the idea of tearing down the old structure and constructing a new one in its place.

  1. Hardwood instead of carpet

The next revolutionary idea that you should take is to install a hardwood floor, instead of going for the carpet. Sure, per square foot, hardwood floor is substantially more expensive, however, this also means that it contributes more to the overall resale value of your home. Hardwood floors also outlast carpets by quite a bit, which means that, if maintained properly, the ROI of hardwood floor will eventually surpass the one of carpets. Not to mention that hardwood is easier to clean and maintain, which makes a difference in your lifestyle quality, as well, not just in the appearance of the room.

  1. Replace your outlets and switches

One of the most frugal ways to rejuvenate your home is to update your outlets, plates and light switches. The problem with this idea is the fact that it’s easy to slip one’s mind, due to the fact that they represent such a minor element in the room. Still, seeing as how they break the monotony of the wall, they’re bound to get noticed. When it comes to materials, you can replace all the outlets in your home for under $100 and get a massive difference in the room’s appearance for it. On the other hand, for everyone’s safety, it would be for the best if you were to hire a professional to help you out.

  1. Let your furniture breathe

In the end, it would probably be for the best if you were to let your furniture breathe by trying to make more empty space within your home. Sure, pushing your coffee table a tad further from the sofa may seem as counterintuitive, yet, by isolating each furniture piece, you’ll ensure that they get more attention. Not to mention that this practice will also make your home more pragmatic, seeing as how the traffic across it will become both easier and simpler.


The best thing about this list is the fact that each of these entries and even all of them put together, often tend to be more frugal than the idea of moving to a different place or remodeling it. By displaying some creativity, outside-of-the-box thinking and some basic sense of strategy, you’ll get to make a huge difference, not only in your home’s resale value but in the way in which you perceive it, as well. Overall, there’s plenty of new things here that you need to consider.

Find the Perfect Home for Your Family

Buying a home is probably one of the biggest purchases an average family makes in their lifetime. When choosing one, you need to consider your current needs and whether the home you’re interested in is meeting them. However, you’ll also need to plan for your future needs, when your family grows and changes.

Have in mind that purchasing a home is also an investment of sorts and it can be a source of income both in terms of using it to get loans and possibly selling it at some point.

The location

When you buy a home, you’re also buying the neighborhood it’s located in. It provides the infrastructure and the community in which your family will live for years and any inquiry about a home should start with learning about the neighborhood and its options.

For families with young children, the biggest parts of this are how safe the neighborhood is and how good the schools are in your area. It’s important to consider these matters early on because that’s where your kids’ educational journey will begin and be set on its future path.

The space

The available space is often a more important feature of a new home than how the space is utilized at the moment. When you have enough space available, you might be able to modify it more extensively and to adapt the home to your future needs even when you can’t imagine what they might be.

This goes beyond the home itself – it can apply to the yard and auxiliary buildings as well. For instance, having a large backyard with a beautiful lawn can be turned into a guest home or a backyard pool once you feel it’s time for it.

Think about selling

It might seem counter-intuitive to think about potentially selling a home when you buy it, but if you think about it as an investment, it makes perfect sense. What you want is a home that will increase in value due to its location and the quality of the construction work. For instance, luxury display homes in Sydney can be a source of income later on, since they can easily be rented and will increase in value in the years to come.

Have in mind that this doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything and your home will be worth more a few years later. This is only the case if you maintain it and take good care of it.

Payment options

It’s probably the largest purchase you’ll make in years and how to pay for it should enter into the equation as well. For the most part, it will be done by taking out a loan that you’ll have to repay for years to come.

Before making this call, you should consider more than a few lenders. Shopping around for financial products and having a real estate agent that’s helpful in this regard might end up saving you quite a lot of money.


In the end, there’s no perfect home and you can set standards and a list of expectations but you could never find everything you might look for in a piece of real estate. This is something you’ll have to get used to when making a purchase.

The only things you shouldn’t comprise with are the safety and the comfort of your family. However, within that, there is a range of options and settling on a deal is going to be a big part of purchasing a home.


Finding the perfect home for your family is a marathon, not a sprint. The key to doing so is to make sure that you’re purchasing a home for the future and not just for the moment in which you make the purchase.

Where to Buy Contemproary Outdoor Furniture

Most of the modern homes have a preserved backyard or a space around the house. Such outdoor areas are mostly for recreation or dining purposes, where obtaining outdoor furniture enhances the experience when either hanging out with family and friends, maybe dining or resting after swimming, in case you have a swimming pool around.

Improvements in terms of designs and material selection have made modern furniture appear and feel more elegant and stylish. Different materials are used to make outdoor furniture including metal, wood, plastic, and fabric. While selecting materials for constructing such furniture, the manufacturers aim at increasing durability and strength to ensure long lasting products.

In this article, you will find some of the places where you can buy contemporary outdoor furniture for your patio and backyard.

1. Lumens light and living

When it comes to the selection of great furniture for your outdoor space, Lumens Light and Living is absolutely a place to find them. You can choose from a variety of their furniture designs ranging from dining to lounging furniture. They offer shipping services where you can order for furniture online through their website. The website provides images of several of their samples which can help you make a decision; therefore, visit their website before ordering and scroll through available furniture.

2. Guangzhou Quan Xi Trading Co. Limited

This company has been exporting products including outdoor furniture for many years now. You can place your order online on their website, and your furniture will be shipped and delivered to you.


There is a variety of furniture to choose from, with a range of quality and prices. The company has one primary objective of providing quality services to its customers and ensuring that there are minimal or zero complaints.

3. Overstock

Overstock crafts and delivers outdoor furniture to customers with their excellent shipping services. They offer quality furniture from outdoor sofas, tables to pool lounges, at affordable prices.

The company aims at delivering products to their clients in time with minimal shipping charges. You can access their website, www.overstock.com, and order your preferred furniture online.

4. CB2

If you want furniture that will bring fashion and elegance to your patio and outdoor space, then you might consider ordering from CB2 (www.cb2.com). They provide furniture including outdoor sofas, tables, wooden flower pots among others. For first time customers, they get to benefit a 15% discount, and after spending $200, they give you a $20 cut off.

5. Alibaba

www.alibaba.com is also a perfect place to order and buy outdoor furniture from any region in the world. They offer shipping services to their customers meaning one can order online with free quotations. Their website has a provision for a subscription where they send you emails containing various of their products.


Buying outdoor furniture may be entirely different from indoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is exposed to sun and rain; therefore, the type you choose determines how long the furniture will serve you.


Therefore, anytime you want to obtain outdoor furniture, you must put into considerations various aspects. These factors include affordability, type, and quality of the material plus whether the outdoor space has a shade or not. Your location is also a consideration to make more so where shipping of such furniture is required, so establish how accessible it can be for deliveries to efficient.

How to Design a Dreamy Modern Bedroom

Unlike any other space in your home, the bedroom should be that special getaway and sanctuary that reflects your feelings through colour, style and accessories. Here are the main considerations for successfully decorating a modern bedroom.

Choose subtle colours

Save the bold primary colours for accent elements in other rooms, and instead choose soothing shades and restful monochromatic tones. In the colour theory, subtle blues, lavender, and green are considered calm and serene, while rich, jewel-toned hues of toasty brown or deep pomegranate help set the mood for comfort and cosiness. Muted-down versions of your favourite colours are a win-win choice, so for example instead of aubergine, choose mauve, and choose pumpkin instead of tangerine.

Don’t forget the ceiling

Often considered the “fifth wall” in a room, the ceiling can be better off than a simple blank surface. Apart from painting the ceiling a lighter version of the wall colour, you can experiment with subtle patterns or softer hues of another colour. It will both visually lower the ceiling and increase the feeling of comfort and intimacy. If you want to go further, you can wallpaper or stencil the ceiling or add architectural elements such as beams and mouldings. A silver-leafed bedroom ceiling, especially when combined with a canopy bed with dressings that hang from the ceiling, not only adds textures and design, but allows delicate shades and patterns to get a prominent position.

Keep it simple, but effective

Whichever style of decorating you choose, the bedroom should feel cosy and simple, and yet sophisticated and elegant. In order to achieve this, leave at least three feet between the bed and side walls, or large furniture items, and at least two feet between the bed and low furniture, such as tables and dressers. This way, you avoid the cheap hotel room look. Basically, you don’t want the bed to make you go round it if you need to go to the bathroom, for example. Additionally, furnish your bedroom with only those items you need. It means anything more than a bed, a turkish rugs, a pair of bedside tables, and a chair is a clutter.

Size furniture right

Start your furniture purchase with a floor plan and measured outline of the space. Furniture should fit the room, but keep it lively and unobstructed. Stay away from heavy king or queen size beds and dresser sets for a small bedroom. On the other hand, if the ceiling is high, a tall headboard will help bringing it down, at least visually. If your room is spacious, a chair or an ottoman at the end of the bed will help wrap everything together. What is more, current property styling proposes using a bespoke range of furniture and furnishings, to the effect of achieving an interior scheme that ties the bedroom to the style of the property.

Plan for storage

It goes without saying that in order to maintain the calm and serene atmosphere in a bedroom, the things need to be stored out of sight. There are several ways to achieve this. A spacious bedside table with drawers can hold your bedtime books, lotions, and reading glasses, which are still within reach. A skirted table, or a small dresser with drawers will give you even more space. A trunk or a storage bench at the foot of your bed is useful for storing your sheets, blankets, and pillows. Some beds are even designed with headboards with built-in shelves or sliding panels.

Treat the windows

A gorgeously dressed window won’t only help frame the view on your garden. It will also provide an additional way to bring in colour, pattern, texture and softness to the bedroom. However, in window treatments, the most important consideration is the contrast. Combine soft sheer curtains with opaque roller blinds, which both block the morning light when you need extra sleep, and keep your room private at night.

Invest in luxurious linens

Nothing adds effortless comfort to a bedroom like beautiful linens and luxurious fabrics. Stay away from sheets that aren’t 100 percent cotton, or linen with thread count less than 350. Even so, send your sheets to the dry cleaners for professional washing and pressing. It doesn’t cost much, but they’ll feel as if they just arrived from the 5-star hotel. Add more sensually-feeling fabrics, such as a soft cashmere or mohair throw for the reading chair, or silk or textured wall coverings.

Consider layered lighting

Instead of having one central fixture that gives no transition between sunlight-bright and total darkness, you should layer the lighting option throughout the room. While small lamps can focus light for reading or create intimate atmosphere in nooks, accent lights help illuminate the walls or art pieces. A bedside lamp with a moveable arm and an adjustable dimmer is the first one you should get, while separate switches for each light will let you set the lighting scheme that suits your present mood.

These effortless tips are only the tip of a decorating iceberg. Try them out and see which ones work best for your place, and down the line, maybe you can give people some effective bedroom decorating tips yourself.

Top 5 Tips to Make Your Home Design Pop

No matter if you’ve just moved into a new home or you’re looking to give your current home a fresh look, there are some tips you might want to follow. Sometimes, even the tiniest changes can completely change the look of your home. And the best part of it is that you can have fun while changing your home design. Therefore, we present to you top five tips to make your home design pop.

Opt for a theme

Take a look at any modern-day home and you’ll see the homeowner has picked a theme and stuck to it when designing their home. In order to make your home magazine-worthy, you might want to think about doing the same. Maybe you want to opt for a dreamy coastal style? Adding a few shades of blue, a painting of a lighthouse and sea glass is guaranteed to do the trick. Or maybe you want to go for a more industrial look and introduce materials such as steel, concrete and brick.

Make your kitchen green

Your kitchen is probably the most important part of your home. After all, that’s where you spend most of your time when preparing meals for you and your family. This is exactly why you need to make sure your kitchen is as inviting as possible. And there’s hardly a better way to do so than including greenery into your kitchen design. A hanging pot rack can give your kitchen a more sophisticated look while standard potted plants are something you just can’t go wrong with.

Introduce leather to your décor

If there’s one material that stands out in 2019, it’s leather. Whether you’re choosing furniture or wall coverings, leather is the material to choose. It’s durable and requires very little maintenance, which is exactly what homeowners now look for. The best thing about leather is that it can suit any style and space requirements. That being said, you might want to get leather lounge suits or leather beds for your new home. For extra inspiration, browse the web for how other homeowners introduced leather into their homes.

Use area rugs

Hardwood floors sure look amazing and are easy to maintain but what they lack is comfort. That’s why when designing your new home, throwing in a few area rugs is recommended. Not only will these little things add style to your home, but they’ll also keep your feet warm. And in case you opt for an open plan space, you can use area rugs to establish zones. When it comes to texture and colour, the possibilities are endless. Cotton washable rugs are a popular choice, especially by homeowners with young children.

Choose light paint colours

If your home is like most other homes out there, you might have a small room that always seems cramped. While you may not be able to expand it, there are some tricks you can use to make your small room appear to be larger. One of these that you should definitely consider is painting your small room into a light paint colour. This is a great idea because light colours can eliminate the boxed-in feel you get when entering a tiny room. Combine light colours with a little bit of extra natural light and your small room will look completely different.

With all the options available today, making your home design pop isn’t tough. However, it’s all about knowing what to do and what not to do when designing your home. Follow the 5 tips we talked about earlier and you’ll be guaranteed to make your new home look stunning.

How to Use Photoshop Textures?

Finding a unique way to texture your photos may be a hard task even for professional users, especially in blending the right textures when using Photoshop Textures. Just as every photographer has their unique way to capture a photo, so is the same as editing the images to bring out the textured feel and moment.

Provided is a step by step walk through on how to use the textures whether on Adobe Photoshop or other platforms giving you control of the outcome.

Applying Textures to Images

Applying Textures to Logos

1. Selecting or Loading a File

The first step is to color correct the selected main image needing the texturing by locating the saved file and restoring its settings to “Lightroom” original state. Next is to have a vision of the outcome what you would like it to look at the end of the texturing.


Whether it should have vintage to a classic look, or if the colors of the objects like walls should have a desaturated feel to them. Color correcting would greatly assist in selecting the best Photoshop textures.

2. Load the image to Photoshop

Start by loading the image into the workspace of the Photoshop texture by dragging and dropping it or navigating to the file via the platform.

Next, you need to change the editing mode of the image to 8bit RGB by navigating to the “Menu,” selecting “Image” option, then “Mode” and choosing “RGB and 8Bit Channel.” The mode would help in the application of the textures to fit the image resolution.

3. Import/Apply the Texture to Image

When selecting a texture to apply to your image, ensure it matches the resolution of your image since stretching it might lower its print quality. Though there are many textures to choose from, the quality might vary affecting the outcome, we recommend visiting https://sleeklens.com/product-category/photoshop-textures/ who have a trusted variety from which to choose.


To apply, go to the “File –> Place –>Select Texture File. Alternatively, go to the “Tool Bar” (left side of the workspace) and select “Move Tool” (a button with four pointed arrows on opposite sides) press SHIFT and drag the textured Photoshop to the main image.

4. Resize or Adding a Second Texture to the Image

If the textured image doesn’t automatically cover the main image, drag it to resize and press enter to apply changes. To add a second layer, you have to change the blending mode by making adjustments to the sheet by pressing CTRL + L and the mode from Normal to Screen.

5. Changing the two layers Blend Modes

It’s important to note that the second layer if applied would affect the quality and pixel ratio of the final image. Selecting the right kind of mode would however improve the image’s last look. Choosing the “Darken Modes” affect the layers beneath then to darken while the “Lighten Mode” makes then Brighten.

The “Contrast Mode” is under the “Overlay” section and would mix a blend of colors affecting the below layers.

6. Adding a Blend and a Layer Mask

Since blending two layers might be difficult as some changes might get lost, a layer mask is best to use. Start by locating it at the “Layer Panel” which is at the bottom, shaped like a rectangle with its middle having a circle. Once selected, it would edit the chosen image, by clicking on the white box adjacent to the image. You can press B to bring out the Brush if a need arises to temporarily erase some changes or can use the same Tool Panel to add some colors using the Color Picker.

7. Editing Unwanted Textures

Though the masking strategy is great for editing, it’s not sufficient for a full double layer texture added to the image. Reason being, if edited using a masking texture, it affects not only the layers below the image but also the hues and tone of the image. The result is certain places in the pictures looking odd and different than other areas.

Photo Shop

Using a Smudge Tool (“R”), represented by a pointing Finger, from your Tool Bar would however correct the image’s textures removing unwanted parts. Though it takes a lot of processing power from your computer by averaging the surface and pixels around a particular part of the image then correcting it, it’s one of the best ways to perfect your photo.

As seen, there are various ways to edit and perfect the image texture by using Photoshop Textures. A step by step procedure is, however, the best for a great result, selecting the best composition and blending them is also a great way to finding your unique style and expression. Acceptance and removal of unwanted textures to show what colors are needed to get expressed is the final step to making a masterpiece.

6 Tips for Designing a Safe Home Environment for Babies and Toddlers

Every parent wants to provide their children with a healthy and comfortable home environment where they can grow and develop. When child-proofing your home, it’s essential that you adopt a holistic approach and tackle every possible hazard. Not only are children explorers who will examine every nook and cranny of your home, but they are also highly vulnerable because they aren’t fully developed. So, if you’re ready to tackle this task, you should follow these helpful tips.

Little child playing with iron and electric power bar at home

Keep hazards under lock and key

You won’t be able to eliminate all possible hazards from your home because some of them are an essential part of every household. However, you can keep them away from your little ones’ reach. Cleaning products, razors, scissors, matches, lighters, knives and similar objects should all be placed on higher shelves or locked in cabinets so that your kids can’t access them. Try to see your home from your kids’ perspective and remove everything they might find interesting.

Clean your home the green way

Proper hygiene is essential for a healthy, safe home, so make sure to clean your home thoroughly and regularly. Dusting, mopping, decluttering, scrubbing and vacuuming should be done on a weekly basis so that you can get rid of allergens and toxins. However, regular cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals that can affect your and your kids’ health even if your children don’t come in direct contact with them. Instead, you can use safe products or make your own cleaning solutions with simple household ingredients such as white vinegar, baking soda and essential oils.

Excited Boy Returning Home From School With Mother

Renovate with toxins in mind

If you’re planning to renovate your house that was built before 1980s, you should know that it’s highly likely that it contains asbestos-based products. Asbestos was once one of the most popular materials in construction until it was proven that it’s highly dangerous. Although it’s widely banned and countries like Canada and Australia are still proposing new rules and regulations regarding its ban, asbestos is still present, especially in old homes. If you aren’t sure whether there’s asbestos in your home, you shouldn’t renovate it until an inspection is performed. You should opt for professional asbestos air monitoring in Sydney,  that way you can take timely action and remove it if it is detected. Keep in mind that asbestos is released into the air when disturbed, so it can be easily inhaled by you and your children who are particularly vulnerable.
The same goes for other hazardous toxins, such as mould and lead. It’s essential that they are professionally removed. Lead, in particular, is dangerous for children because it causes learning disabilities and developmental disorders.

Choose healthy, toxin-free products

You also need to be mindful of the products you use in your home, including furniture, paint, bathing products, baby care supplies, etc. You’d be surprised by the number of chemicals they contain, some of which have even been linked to cancer. It’s advisable that you read the label before buying certain products. For instance, avoid scented soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and other skincare and hygiene products that contain “parfum” or “fragrance”. You should also avoid using any products that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) because they can cause a range of different health problems. Wall paint is one of the biggest sources of VOCs, so make sure to go with green alternatives.

Pay attention to air quality

Ensuring excellent air quality in your home is another step in creating a healthy environment for your children. Airborne pollutants and allergens may endanger your children because their respiratory system and other organs are still not fully developed. Therefore, you should install air purifiers and introduce air-purifying plants around your home to increase your indoor air quality. You should also introduce carbon monoxide and radon detectors because these gases are odourless and colourless, so you won’t be able to identify them otherwise.

Eliminate unexpected dangers from kids’ rooms

When designing the nursery and children’s bedroom, you should keep your eyes open for a few unexpected hazards. In particular, window blind cords should be unreachable to your children or completely eliminated because they can cause strangulation. Although modern blinds are now typically cordless, you might have a traditional design, so make sure to remove the cords. You should also pick toys for your children carefully, removing those with tiny parts and buttons that they can swallow. Toys with magnets aren’t suitable for small children either, so make sure to remove them.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to create a healthy, safe environment for your little ones.

Best Places to Buy Doors in Miami

Door dealers have a responsibility of providing a variety of services including repair, replacement, custom-designing, and installation of doors. If you want to buy a new door, Miami door dealers will help you choose the kind of door you need, the shape, the size, and the color.

These professionals can help you set up and maintain the investment you make on installing a new door.Here is a list of the best places where you can buy quality doors in Miami.

Dayoris Doors

Dayoris doors miami is an interior door and furnishings dealer in Miami that specializes in designing contemporary and modern doors. They are widely known for their patented method, the Laminating Solution.



Their comprehensive craftmanship is augmented through the use of first-class Italian colors and laminates on wood surfaces. Their materials are eco-friendly, and LEED certifies them. You can visit their showrooms or arrange for an office or in-home meeting and join the Dayoris door world.


Borano is manufacturers of custom-made compact mahogany doors. They sell their doors to architects, luxury home developers, and homeowners with selective tastes and preferences for excellent quality and accuracy in their doors.

Regardless of the size of door you need, Borano’s products exceed the standards of the industry. Their entries are architecturally relevant, and they feature a broad spectrum of engineering designs, from rustic to classic, in addition to Contemporary.

Rieche Services, Inc

Rieche Services have an experience of more than six years in the field of home improvement. They handle everything related with doors including selling, installation, repair, and advising customers on the best types of doors for their specific purposes.

The Combined Group Corp

This is a company owned and operated by local investors who value integrity and honesty, as well as take your needs as if they were their own. They provide various services that are individually customized for particular projects.

PrismaGuard Home Image

The company sells their products at reasonable prices while being keen to details of each project they undertake. They pride themselves in guaranteeing customer satisfaction and developing healthy relationships.

Quality Door Design, Corp

This door company has an experience of more than 20 years in the door industry, and it strives to find ways to help each of their customers by paying attention to their home decoration ideas and offering the best choices they have. With a wide range of doors, they can help you in the process of selecting the door that best suits your needs.

J.C. Doors Universe

This company was formed to satisfy all the customer needs regardless of their different tastes, trends, and budgets. The company prides itself for several years of experience in the industry, and it provides the most sophisticated products in the sector.

It offers its products featuring a variety of finishes, colors, and variants at highly competitive prices. Also, they provide high-quality custom-made products to provide individualized service to the customers.

Final Verdict

When shopping for a door, look for one the best suits your needs and budget. However, the task of searching for the right door is tedious. But not anymore. You can use the above reviews of the best places where you can buy doors in Miami to enhance your home improvement projects.

Roman Shade Window Treatment Guide

If you like the feasibility of Roman shades but cast them off because of the worry that they do not provide sufficient style, you let pass a cheap and flexible means to cover the windows in your house. Roman shades can be used to establish or augment the atmosphere in any interior decoration, either solely or combined with various window treatments. With endless options, Roman shades can become the resort window treatment for all the rooms in your house.


Roman shades are firmer, less selective, and more innovative. They can offer you a more well-designed architectural expression than full-size curtains in most cases. Additionally, Roman shades provide a practical appeal. However, not all Roman shades are made the same. Here is a guide on custom roman shades for your window treatment.

Assessing the Fabric

To start, you need to select the fabric material you want for your décor. Most people are believers of natural materials. The ideal fabric used to make Roman shades is the Belgian Linen. It is used due to its ability to retain its shape and its durability.

The linen does not cast-off fibers like other artificial materials because of its natural rough texture. It is exceptionally durable and can last for years when maintained properly.

Choosing Style Alternatives

The next step is choosing the style of your Roman shade. The best way of selecting the style is considering the way you desire the shade to rest when in a closed position. Although most people are enthusiasts of the Cascade and Flat Roman shade styles, do not shy off from getting to know about the Tulip, Pleated, or Relaxed roman shades.


Once you have selected the fabric and style of your Roman shade, you will need to determine the amount of light you are going to need in the specific rooms. The lining is fabric that is stitched behind the shade to regulate the amount of light getting in a room, and giving shape to the shade itself. For example, you can have blackout linings on your master bedroom shades.

Mounting Options

If you feel that a roman shade will save on your space, then you have to decide on the most suitable mount. These options essentially relate to whether the mounts will go on the outside or the inside of your window panel.


This is basically whether this will go inside your window sill or outside. For Flat, Cascade, or Front Slat Roman shades, installing mounts on the inside is recommended. They fit in the flush, appear less, and puts an accent to the shades.

For Relaxed or Tulip Roman shades, use an outside mount if possible. Although it is possible to replace these with outside mounts, controlling light and the design is well matched by exterior mounts because of the curved state of these shades.

Control Methods

Due to advancements in technology, you can now choose from either motorized or manual Roman shades. If the safety of your pets or children comes first, motorized and cordless controls are the most effective choice for Roman shades.

We hope the above considerations will help you in choosing the Roman shade window treatment that best suits your requirements.

What’s The Difference Between Residential Designer and Architect?

The two are often confused to be the same but there are some subtitle differences in their tasks. Its important to note that residential architect are architects’ not designers.


An architect has a wider training and experience as compared to the residential designer. They are mostly associated with the outside skeleton of the house and not the decor but just the building itself and how to maximize on space. Their main duties are bidding, inspection and construction processes. They are guided by the principle of human occupancy and hence Architects focus mainly on individuals who are trying to make private space.


They meet with the clients who are looking into building a home or upgrade their stay residence. After this they establish the client’s financial blue print for their project and design the plans for them that may suit their purpose. Architects build up the entire structural design for the clients in coordination with what they want and need and the building of design as well as the space there is.

Their duties are:
Face to face meeting with clients to offer their services

Create drawings and plans for projects to be constructed

Design and oversee building and construction of ornamentation.

Assist clients in seeking material for building based on pricing and design.

Design the electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling components of the building.


To be a certified residential designer one must have attained at least a degree in architecture or masters in it,

Residential designers

They are also referred to as the interior architect as they combine their well trained and qualified technical skills and knowledge in creativity for development of plans of their clients’ home to improve functionality, comfort ability and appearance.

They are mostly based on the eye impression principle.

They work hand in hand with clients to ensure they get the best fittings and house interior designs to their houses with the aspects of the architectural aspects.

Residential designers

They have an artistic flair as their main business is on interior design through the craft learnt at school for qualification to operate. They help out the clients to decide what materials are needed and help in prices seeking as they may know vendors who deal with the materials. They oversee progress and ensure it sticks to plan in order not to disappoint the clients’ expectations. A residential designer should ensure that he or she is updated with the modern designs in order not to miss a client’s purpose and also the trends in the market.


A residential designer should be able to analyze the blue print of the clients and know what to do with his or her money and still make an earning out of it. They should ensure they are key on the small and big details that the client requires. Apart from that they should be flexible in all areas be it office designs, house deigns or even commercial interiors.


For one to be certified to be residential designer they must meet the required at least a masters in the field of practice or a masters in it.

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