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Home Decor 101 – Tips For Beginners

There are so many different home decor styles to choose from that it can be scary for a newbie to try and decorate their home for the first time. For this reason, we bring you the best tips for beginners to try out in your home.

Use old-fashioned charm

Bring some old-fashioned charm to your home decoration, and you already have a charming-looking living space with all your unique wood home decoration styles and ideas. The best part about wood decorating is that even if you’re not very handy, you can also easily make your own beautiful decorations for the place to set in your house. The most popular home decorating style nowadays is definitely the use of furniture and home accents made out of wood. There are several ways on how to do this, which we will discuss now. It is important that you first decide how you want your furniture to match with the rest of the home decorations that you have in place. This is very important so that you won’t be spending money on stuff that doesn’t compliment each other.

Choose a focal point

When choosing a focal point for your home decoration, it is best if you would choose something that is unique or has a certain feature that adds to the beauty of the house. In general, the focal point for any home decoration should be the area that holds the main purpose of the room, whether it’s the dining area, living area, or bedroom. By putting emphasis on your home decoration pieces, it can surely become a place that everyone would want to be at.

Use texture

Another thing that you should keep in mind when looking for home decoration items and in particular when trying to decorate your house concept is the texture. You should pick up the texture that goes with your home decoration theme. Try to use a texture that is complementary to the other decorations in the house. If there are some wooden furniture pieces, go for some natural colored ones that compliment them. Alternatively, choose a texture that makes it easier to move around and arrange furniture and accessories in the house.

When doing your home decoration, it is always good if you know what texture or paint that you would prefer for a particular piece of furniture. You can’t just grab any random object from the rack and set it up as the focal point of your room. Remember that you need to match the theme of the decorating style with the texture of the decoration. There are lots of things you can consider when choosing the texture to use. The most popularly used ones include painting and stenciling.

Painting and stenciling are common techniques in home decoration since it creates the illusion of objects being heavier or thinner than they really are. So, pay attention to this aspect and choose a painting or stencil that will best complement the furniture. You can do a little research over the internet and look for the texture that fits the furniture well.

One of the best places to look for textures is magazines and websites. While some sites offer photos, make sure that they’re not too common. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, try something else. For example, if you want to put up a picture of your child’s favorite cartoon character, try putting up a different one instead. It’s not advisable to copy or plagiarize the design since it will only end up in the garbage can instead of your home decoration.

Choose a theme

Home decoration should never stop with the selection of materials. Aside from the materials, you should also try to put up new home decoration pieces in order to enhance your creativity and provide more ideas. You may already have all the materials at hand but if you haven’t found anything that suits your taste, then it would be best to add some new ones.

For example, if you want to create a theme for your living room, try putting up a piece of art or some wood sculptures. If you like wooden furniture, then try looking for some wicker or rattan pieces. Both these types of material can create a certain atmosphere that’s similar to that of a forest. In addition, it gives you an opportunity to expose your creativity and at the same time, experiment with your decorating style. There’s nothing better than getting a totally unexpected or even a simple home decoration piece that you will love.


We hope this article helped you get started with your new home decor project. Good luck!


Impact Glass Windows vs Hurricane Shutters

Many states in the USA are more probable to be hit by storms and hurricanes every year. Hurricanes that move through Miami Florida cause severe damage to homes and buildings now and then especially the areas more prone to flooding, and homes that have old roofing and are poorly constructed.

Regular windows cannot resist the pressure of hurricane -sized winds and are easily broken. This is where impact glass windows and hurricane shutters come into play in protecting your family and home.

But which of these options is best fitted to your needs? This article discusses the battle of impact glass windows vs hurricane shutters.

Impact Glass Windows

Since their invention in the 20th century, impact glass windows are having an increasing trend for hurricane protection in the US. It is definitely one of the best ways of protecting your home from catastrophic hurricanes as it can withstand up to 200 mph blowing hurricane wind. A impact glass in Miami for your home will keep it protected from the annual Miami hurricanes.


When deciding the product to install, it is essential that you assess it’s return on investment. Impact glass windows provide an eighty to eighty-six per cent return on investment. More so, it can act as home security against intruders who will have to break the glass first. This won’t be very easy for looters or intruders.

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters have significant similarity with impact glass windows as they are also used as a protection cover against hurricanes and storms. They are installed over regular glass windows to avoid the windows to get damaged.


Hurricane shutters can also be installed over impact glass for a hundred per cent protection from hurricanes. Hurricanes shutters are mostly made from steel and aluminium but there are also wooden shutters that are cheaper and less strong than the aluminium shutters. The return on investment for hurricane shutters is approximately fifty per cent.


Both hurricane shutters and impact glass windows offer protection against hurricanes, but they differ in some aspects. Impact glass windows are more costly than hurricane shutters. They can be installed without the need for hurricane shutters.

Hurricane shutters still offer the ultimate protection for your home when installed without impact glass and go for a lesser cost. Consider your budget and evaluate the best way to protect your possession.


Sophisticated Living Room Design Ideas

Living rooms, by default, are a space where we like to spend most of our time at home. As such, they can serve a wide variety of purposes and have very few common denominators. Still, regardless of their secondary function (e.g. entertainment room), style and layout, all functional and good-looking living rooms need to be stylish and streamlined. Fortunately, these two things are style-agnostic and don’t cost too much money.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to make your living room a stunner and your time there that more pleasant.

Paint the room in neutral colors

Although striking colors play exceptionally well into certain styles, when they’re used as a backdrop, they draw away a lot of attention from other, more interesting elements, and they have a nasty habit of frequently going out of fashion. If you, on the other hand, paint your walls in neutral and timeless colors (Scandinavians have been using them for centuries now) like ivory, taupe, beige, and gray, you will create a very warm environment where the spectator’s attention will be shifted where it belongs – to various elements and furniture pieces.

Set up a focus wall

Focus, feature or an accent wall is a wall whose design differs from the pattern set up by the rest of the room – not only with its color but also the texture (if you want to go the distance, you can even cover the space with interesting wallpapers). A very cool and stylish inclusion by itself, a focus wall can also be used to display massive mirrors, interesting pieces of art or any other item you want to be the center of attention. Just remember, in order for an accent wall to work, the transition from the rest of the room can’t be too jarring.

Experiment with texture

The rooms that are bathed in the same textures lack any sense of true dynamic. The simple solution to this problem is to be creative with the choice of patterns and texture. For instance, you can find a quality furniture sale, buy yourself a couple of pieces covered in smooth surfaces and accessorize them with plush cushions. Add into the mix the rugs with the same choice of colors but different patterns and you’ll get the setup that’s stylish and interesting but doesn’t break away from the overall design language of the room.

Make furniture arrangement flexible

This might be a bit harder to pull off in smaller living rooms, but as long as you stay away from overly bulky furniture pieces, you’ll get a decent amount of freedom to rearrange the layout according to current needs. Instead, you should think more in terms of multipurpose ottomans, light armchairs, and stylish leather poufs. This new-founded flexibility does not only drastically improve the functionality of your living room but it also allows you to make quick designer adjustments dictated by different social occasions (dinners, parties, movie nights, etc.).

Think about layered lighting

The flexible furniture arrangement requires an equally flexible lighting setup. That is why you should think of your static fixtures more as ambiance lighting and keep them reasonably dim, and use the smaller, more mobile fixtures (e.g. lamps) as task lighting that will cast the necessary light on the important areas of the room. Even if you don’t want to experiment with flexible furniture arrangement, layered lighting creates a very pleasant, moody atmosphere your living room can definitely benefit from, design-wise.

Play with contrasts

Much like the combination of different textures, the visual juxtaposition of different visual elements will make a very bold design statement (the right way) and bring a much-needed sense of dynamic into your room. But, which are the elements that can be properly juxtaposed? For instance, materials like velvet and linen. Or the furniture pieces of drastically different scale. Casual and elegance. As long as you stay in tune with the overall style of the room, the list of small contrasts you can make is endless.

We hope these few tips will help you turn your same old living room into an environment that will be both a pleasure to look at and a joy to spend time in. As long as you are creative and follow a couple of simple rules, your dream room can be brought into existence even on a dime.

How to Reflect Your Personal Style in Your Interior

For every single one of us, our homes should be our own personal sanctuaries, where we can relax and unwind after a particularly long and difficult day. In order to make this possible, our homes should reflect our own personal styles as much as possible.

However, many people find it difficult to transfer their personal style and preferences onto their interiors, which is why they can often feel uncomfortable in their own homes. If you too are not sure how to implement your own personal taste into your home’s interior and thus create a comfortable and welcoming environment you could feel completely relaxed in and you could enjoy to the fullest, check out some of these tips.

Make a list

Before you start redecorating your home, see to it that you make a list of all the things you enjoy, as well as all the things that don’t quite make you comfortable. This will allow you to create a clear picture of the things you should aim at implementing in your interior as well as things you should definitely steer clear from. On the list, include your favorite materials, fabrics, patterns, finishes, styles and colors and see how you can marry them together in a cohesive whole. Additionally, do know that you don’t have to choose a single style for your home, but you can mix and match numerous different styles as long as they make sense together.


Start with the living room

Once you’ve created the list, a good place to start would be your living room. This is the room people usually spend the majority of their free time in, so it only makes sense that this should be your starting point. In the living room, you should first make sure that the seating furniture you choose to implement is, above all else comfortable and that it offers opulent space. That’s why it would be best to think in terms of statement modular lounges when choosing your seating arrangements, as they offer the ability to be adjusted according to your current needs. Furthermore, make sure you layer different fabrics and materials throughout the room to give it some visual depth and make it as cozy and as inviting as possible.

Don’t forget the entryway

The entryway is a part of the home people usually forget to pay attention to when it comes to decorating. However, this is very wrong as the entryway presents the perfect opportunity for you to introduce people to what they can expect to see throughout the rest of your home. Here, make a personal statement about your style by filling your entryway with numerous décor that means something to you personally. For instance, you can choose to embellish it with a statement gallery wall and frame and hang all of your favorite photos. Furthermore, you can also make a personal statement with your key or coat hanger by choosing to DIY it with your kids and make something beautiful and unique together.


Make your bedroom your own personal haven

The bedroom is definitely another room that requires some special treatment as this is the room where you will retire at the end of the day. That being said, this room needs to be cozy and comfortable through and through, so invest in top-notch bedding, make sure you add a fluffy rug next to your bed and carefully choose the color palette. You should aim at implementing colors and materials you absolutely adore – once again refer to your list – so that you create a space where you feel safe, relaxed and, most importantly, comfortable.

Therefore, approach the matter of decorating your home as you would a blank canvas. There are so many possibilities and ways you can choose to go in, but the best piece of advice we can give you is to always follow your heart and fill your home with things that make you feel inspired, comfortable and good.

Sunrooms Ideas: Seamless Exterior Additions

If it feels like your home lacks some space, you can consider the idea of building an extension. And when there’s a lot of greenery in your backyard, there’s nothing better than designing a sunroom for you and your family. The reason behind this is that building a sunroom isn’t expensive and it provides you with a space you can use for relaxing, dining and entertaining. However, designing a sunroom isn’t easy and you could use all the help you can get. That’s why we came up with five sunroom ideas that might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Table against the glass

As we mentioned above, the sunroom is a perfect place for entertaining guests. And if you have a large family and you enjoy having your friends over, placing a large table against the glass makes a lot of sense. Not only will it provide you with enough seating options in your sunroom but it’ll ensure everyone enjoys the view. With all the greenery surrounding your sunroom, it’s best to opt for a wooden table and chairs. Combine it with hardwood flooring and your sunroom will be guaranteed to look amazing.

Cheerful colors

With all the sunlight that gets into your sunroom, using cheerful colors will make the entire place look different. Yellow and green tend to work well with natural light and can even make your sunroom look bigger. And the good news is, introducing these colors into your sunroom is a breeze. Opt for a cheerful color when choosing your furniture and you’ll make the most of sunlight flowing through the place. Depending on the type of flooring you went for, you might also need a rug. You can either opt for a neutral color or stick to the cheerful tones that match your furniture.

Large window frames

Sunrooms are all about large windows that allow you to enjoy the nature around you. Therefore, using them as the focal point of the entire place is something you just can’t go wrong with. So, instead of going for regular window frames, you should look for ones that’ll make your sunroom stand out. We should also mention that if you decide to do this, it’s a good idea to use steel formwork to support the extra weight of your frames. Get double glazed windows as well and you’ll ensure warm air doesn’t escape your sunroom.

Luxury chandelier

Just because it’s a sunroom, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have artificial lighting in it. In fact, if you’re aiming at a more luxury look, nothing works like a hanging chandelier. Even if you have a glass ceiling in your sunroom, you should be able to include one of these into your sunroom design. Another good idea is to install a dimmer switch and stay in control of how bright the room gets in the evening. If you opt for this more expensive look, searching for large pieces of furniture and classy accessories such as vases and floor lamps is recommended.

Electric fireplace

There’s no point in adding a sunroom to your home if you’re only going to be able to use it in the summer. Getting an electric fireplace should keep you warm all year long and add some style to your home. Not to mention that it’ll help you create the perfect ambiance for evening reading sessions. A fireplace is also going to make your sunroom feel even more comfortable which is why you should combine it with cozy rugs and throw pillows. Keeping a few blankets that’ll allow you to enjoy your sunroom at all times should work as well.

Final thoughts

The best thing about designing your sunroom is that there are so many ideas you can follow that are guaranteed to make the place look magazine worthy. Opt for any of five ideas we covered in this post and you’ll create a perfect place for relaxation and unwinding.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

With so many advantages today that smart technology brings, it’s become much easier than before to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and live a greener life. This is not only beneficial for our environment, but it also helps save a few bucks along the way.

Energy efficient homes conserve more energy, reduce excess energy consumption, greenhouse gasses emissions and the demand for non-sustainable resources. There are many strategies to help you get started on your journey of turning your home into a green hub and here are several tips that can be easily implemented by anyone.

Improve your home insulation

The first step towards energy efficient home is improving the insulation. Without proper insulation, you’ll be losing a lot of heat during winter and that will build up your heating bill. Also, it’s detrimental to our environment.

Start by weather stripping your doors and windows, and if necessary, move on to more serious work involving insulation of the attic, basement and crawl spaces, as these are the weakest and most vulnerable spots of the house. The upfront costs will be big, but you’ll gain multiple benefits: heating bill in winter and cooling bill in summer will be much lower and the time you spend indoors will be much more enjoyable and comfortable.

Upgrade your windows

Windows are very often the point where a lot of energy is lost in winter and cool air in summer. If you have older types of windows in your home, it’s highly likely they’re not as efficient as you’d want them to be. With weather such as Australia’s, especially in the southern parts with a temperate oceanic climate, where you can easily experience all four seasons in one day, having double glazing windows in Melbourne could be a real saver. They’re not only excellent for soundproofing and thermal protection, but they also offer a high level of comfort in your home.

Save electricity

Traditional lighting with incandescent bulbs has proven to be quite inefficient as it consumes up to 8% more electricity than other types, such as LEDs and CFLs. Their carbon emissions are also higher but their life span is much lower. Therefore, switching to energy-saving, eco-friendly type of lighting will not only have a dramatic effect on your electricity bill, but it will also reduce your carbon footprint.

The biggest energy consumers are your kitchen appliances since they work non-stop. Switch your appliances to Energy Star rated type as they use much less energy than the standard models, but they still perform their functions effectively. It might be a bigger investment initially, but it will pay off through your money savings long term on your lower bills.

Moreover, make it a habit to unplug your computers, TVs and smaller kitchen appliances like your coffeemaker and microwave when not in use, because even in standby mode, they consume energy.

Install solar panels

Installing solar panels may be a great investment as they can help you reduce your electricity costs by producing your own electricity. In states such as Australia, solar system are particularly effective due to an abundance of direct sunlight. But still, they’re not for everyone. If it’s not an affordable option for you, you may consider smaller solutions for starters, such as a solar phone charger and even a solar barbeque.

Reduce your water consumption

You can significantly improve your home’s water efficiency by installing low-flow showerheads. They have a flow rate of less than 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute), whereas most traditional showerheads use around 5 gallons per minute.

Also, a few good habits can go a long way: don’t leave the water running while you brush your teeth and shave, avoid running your washer half empty and set the temperature on your water heater to warm, which is around 120°F. With these small adjustments, you will be able to cut your bill and run a more efficient home.

With these simple and practical tips, transforming your home into an energy efficient place will be an easy task.

Designer Tricks to Make Your Living Room Cozy

People often say that the room needs to be spacious in order to be cozy. You know what, those people are wrong. Some room is only as cozy as you feel comfortable spending time there. And feeling comfortable has nothing to do with the size. It’s all about the small things that make you relaxed and happy.

Let’s take a look, then, at some of the most reliable designer tricks that can turn any living room into the cozy paradise you deserve.

Play up rustic wood

Weathered wood is a material that is inherently cozy. Bathing the walls and ceiling in it can quickly turn a sterile-looking room into a warm and snugged mountain cottage where you want to spend the rest of your life. If you don’t want to go overboard, you can create a similar atmosphere with simple board cladding or oak paneling. If genuine wood is not available, you can find some truly amazing wallpapers that can emulate this look.

Use curves and soft surfaces

Sharp furniture angles and polished surfaces like floors have a tendency to look uninviting. That is why you should do your best to soften these details with warm rugs, more rounded pieces and different textures. Your materials of choice should be woven fabrics, natural fiber and linen. Also, don’t focus only on the look of individual pieces. Try to arrange them in circles and cover them with blankets and cushions. Anything you can do to break the monotony.

Make yourself a home cinema

Feeling comfortable often translates to spending some quality time on the sofa watching TV. If that makes you happy, just take these two elements and turn them up to eleven. Buy a sofa that will suit your height (and preferably features a pair of comfortable armrests), find professionals who do TV wall mounts to safely hang your screen, treat yourself with a decent home theatre system and your lazy afternoons will be that much more pleasant.

Populate the room with books

There is something incredibly comforting about the books. That is why you should strongly consider installing a couple of bookshelves and populating them with your favorite titles and other items you hold dear. If you lack the space for this upgrade, you should consider mounting your TV on the shelves rather than a wall. If, on the other hand, you have an opening, installing a cozy reading nook near some of the windows can only make the space more inviting.

Maximize greenery

Indoor plants can benefit the space they occupy in more than one way. First, they are a stunning visual addition that can elevate virtually any room by adding a touch of natural beauty. Second, research has confirmed that the presence of plant life in enclosed space can reduce stress and anxiety in the occupants. Finally, some plants like bamboo, lady palm, rubber plant and Dracaena can even purify the air. A worthwhile investment if there’s ever been one.

Think about flexible lighting

Different activities and times of day require different levels of illuminations. The easiest way to address this issue is to cover the shades with layered drapery panels that will provide a great deal of style and a high level of adjustability while softening the hard edges of your windows and Venetian blinds. When it comes to artificial light, a layered lighting setup will create the same atmosphere as the drapes and allow you to emphasize your living room’s focal points.

We hope these six tips will help you add a bit of flavor to your living room and turn it into a space you truly enjoy spending your free time in. Of course, they should only be used as building blocks for all the spins and fresh ideas that might be crossing your mind. Remember, as long as you feel cozy, you can’t really go wrong.

How to Add Curb Appeal to a Flat Front House

Curb appeal can really boost your home’s value, but it is also easy on the eyes. If done right, of course. Having a jungle in front of your flat front hose or a desert for that matter is definitely not the right way to go. The moderate decor is a great way to tackle this issue. In addition, it is also imperative to make sure that your home blends in with the neighboring front yards. Having something extra that will set you apart is ok, but going in an entirely different direction than the rest of the homes on your street can diminish the value not only of your home but even the entire block. So here are some great pieces of advice to add that much-needed curb appeal to your flat home in just the right amount.

Create a memorable driveway

Your driveway can definitely be the centerpiece of your front yard. You can opt for quality decorative concrete that will not only look good but also be very durable. Another option is to go with exposed aggregate, not as pleasing to the eye but it provides a bit more freedom when it comes to planting color choices. Finally, you can go old school and opt for a brick driveway. It might not be as durable but it can add a certain rustic feel to your home if that is what you are looking for. Now, whichever choice you choose, just make sure you maintain it properly. As a ruined and cracked driveway is definitely not an appealing sight.

Make sure you use local plants

This is a very common mistake that a lot of people make. They choose exotic plants that look great but have a very low durability. It is a much wiser choice to go with native plant life that responds well to the local soil and environmental conditions. That way you will have a lot less to invest when it comes to maintenance. Simply maintaining a well designed front yard is far better than planting a new one each year. You can go with a mix of annual and perennial plants and add a bit of accent with some flowering plants as well. Do your research well, a consult specialist to get the ideal plant collection that will not only help add curb appeal, but also benefit your soil.

Don’t forget about the rocks

Pebbles and larger rocks area a great option for decorating the front of your flat front house. You can use the smaller ones to simply create a visual barrier between grass and plants. The larger ones can be placed in a circle and form natural pots for various types of greenery. If you are feeling really inspired you can opt for a low stone fence that will not only look good but also add a bit of sophistication and a natural element to your front yard. So, as you can see the options are limitless, but adding natural materials such as stones, rocks, and pebbles will definitely make your front home stand out.


So there you have it, easy steps you can take to add curb appeal to your flat front house. A small investment can go a long way not only to visually make your home great but also increase its value as well. All that will be left is to maintain your newly arranged front yard on a regular basis so as to insure that minimal further investments would be necessary.

Top Interior Design Trends 2019

A new year is a chance to make some changes in your life and your family home. Regardless of whether you’re planning a complete redesign project or just want to add some modern touches, you should pay attention to new design trends and make your home appear fresh and bright again.

At the same time, you should bear in mind that even with all the changes, your home should have a certain timeless quality because it will be used by your family for the years to come.

Plants, plants, plants

Incorporating plants in your family home is one of the biggest trends of 2019. It can be done as a part of almost any style, because depending on what kind of plants you use, you could fit them in both modern and more rustic home designs.

If there’s any overall rule as to what plants to choose – it’s to go big. Large lush plants will dominate the livings spaces, this year and it will make them appear more lively and hospitable.

Have in mind that when you incorporate plants in your design, you’re also committing yourself to taking care of them and maintaining them, which can be a chore.

Bold colors

This is the year to go bold with your color selection. It’s something that’s often advised because it’s simple and it brings new life to the home. However, many homeowners are skeptical about it because it may appear distasteful and tacky if done poorly.

The key to doing it is not to go overboard. The design is at its most effective when there are only one or two points within a room that are colored brightly and that attract attention right away. Too much of it will make the room less comfortable and less focused.

Lush design

With all the discussion about minimalism lately, lush and rich designs are getting a bad rap. There’s really no reason for it because minimalism is more about lifestyle than design and organized life is possible in a nice looking home. For instance, project home builders from Sydney create simple and slick homes that contrast well with lush and complex home décor.

When you go for such a design option, you’ll be able to experiment not just with colors and furniture, but also with patterns, and materials that you use. Adding plants and artwork is also an option as long as you have an overarching theme.

Reused materials

Eco-friendly homes are becoming a growing trend for 2019 but also for the years to come. It isn’t just about your home looks, but also about creating sustainable living conditions and doing your part to fight global warming. It starts with the reusing, recycling, and repurposing building materials.

For most homes, this will be most noticeable in the use of wood and possible marble for the kitchen countertops. Purchasing reused materials won’t jeopardize the look and feel of your home, but it will be cost-effective and more sustainable.

Tearing down walls

When it comes to large-scale changes in design trends, the most prevalent one is to have large multipurpose rooms. This is done by tearing down walls and creating open plan space throughout the home.

When you have such a setup, interior design becomes even more important, since it’s used to mark the difference between two spaces. For instance, if you tear down the wall between a kitchen and a dining room, it’s up to the changes in design to signify where one room becomes another. It’s especially useful to use different floor materials and different wall colors to make this even more noticeable.


Ceilings are often overlooked and there’s not that much thought put into designing them. This is soon about to change since statement ceilings are becoming a thing everyone wants to try. Painting and designing of the ceiling should be done to attract attention and make the room more vibrant.

As is the case with all accentuation in design, the key is not to go overboard and to make sure that the ceiling isn’t a distraction, but a part of the design as a whole.


Interior design is changing and in 2019 you should try to apply some of the new trends to your home. Have in mind that, the home isn’t just there to look good, it should be livable and comfortable at the same time.

Inspirational Office Design Ideas

In recent years, we have witnessed a wealth of striking offices reshaping the corporate landscape. They are a far cry from dull and sterile cubicles previous generations were stuck with. It seems that many people have awakened to the fact that the work environment profoundly shapes the way we go about business.

So, if you mean business, you might want to adhere to the principles of good office design, tap into contemporary trends, and give your office space a nice facelift. Don’t fret if you struggle to envision a plan. Here is how to put together a stylish setting that includes both the comforts of home and staples of office life.

Set the stage with a smart layout

The first thing to do is to figure out the optimal layout. Open office plan is all the rage right now and there are some solid reasons driving this trend. Spaces are usually broken down with dividers (ranging from bookshelves to glass partitions) that do not disrupt the free flow of traffic.

Apart from affecting collaboration, ideation, and communication, this kind of space can also be quite stylish and inspiring. The drawback is that it can lack privacy and be noisier than traditional cubicles. Therefore, measure twice and cut once.

Inject your brand into the space

Office space should always embody what the business stands for—its values and mission. This can take a very literal form: enlarged photos of the mission statement, brand colors implemented into decor, and inspirational quotes in common office areas. But, there are many other ways to capture the essence.

For example, showcase artwork from local artists and demonstrate your support for them. Use visual splendor of colors and shapes to breathe new life into the stale environment. Balance visually-pleasing and eclectic elements with professional-looking design solutions.

Take visual appeal to the next level

Bear in mind that elements like colors have a deep psychological impact. Vibrant and bold pieces here and there tend to be quite uplifting. You can even pick a statement wall in a bright or accent color. Just make sure not to go overboard and see to it that style is anchored in overall consistency.

Note that visual noise and clutter are enemies you need to avoid at all costs. Likewise, never lose sight of functionality and explore the methods of color coding office supplies. File papers in colorful folders. Define areas with rugs and other accents. They add texture and warmth and provide sound insulation.

Let there be light

Lighting sets the mood and pace for daily work patterns. Natural lighting is a true blessing and Australian companies of all shapes show us how it is done. Namely, they prefer to have large windows that let a flood of fresh air and sunlight inside. If there is a scenic view, then it is even better.

At other times though, you need to use solutions like Venetian blinds from Sydney to keep scorching rays at bay. Also, every office requires artificial fittings ready to make up for lack of natural bounty. Avoid harsh fluorescents here: replace overhead lighting with a setup of multiple LED lamps and task pieces.

Get creative with furniture

Furthermore, introduce new pieces of furniture that improve functionality and elevate style. I would encourage you to look beyond conventional solutions and check out beautiful and unique sofas, swagged out couches, lazy bags, standing tables, architectural chaise lounges, and ottoman chairs.

Some of them, when placed strategically, can act as design centerpieces and conversation starters. While going about this task, ensure workstations support diverse working habits and preferences of your employees. Even better, allow team members to personalize their immediate surroundings.


An office makeover does not have to cost a fortune. Play it smart and liven things up with pops of color and texture. Divide into functional areas and conquer with creativity. Feel free to think outside the box and bring fun into sprucing up. Don’t skimp on essentials like furniture and lighting. Employ pieces that speak to your brand and its target audience. Steer employees in direction of peak productivity.

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