There is no perfect shoe for running and when purchasing a running shoe, there are so many things you need to consider such as your weight, your biomechanics, the shape of your feet as well as the surface you run on. This means that one shoe cannot fit every runner but you don’t have to worry anymore as there are shoes that will always stand out from the crowd.

Different people have different running styles and each one of them has their unique natural stride. Therefore, getting the right shoe improves your running performance and helps you to overcome issues related to putting on the wrong shoes. Most importantly, neutral running shoes relieve you of any foot pain and here is a list of best running shoes in 2018.

1. Mizuno wave rider 21

The Mizuno wave rider is one of the best running shoes we have around and it’s a perfect choice for anyone looking for a comfortable yet responsive, breathable, and flexible shoe. Besides offering great ventilation, the Mizuno wave rider is lightweight and is designed with a cushion for added stability and support.


They are durable thus making a perfect choice for long distance runners. Interestingly, they come with a removable sock liner and offer great traction on the road. If you’re looking forward to buying a neutral running shoe before 2018 ends, the Mizuno wave rider is a brilliant choice.

2. Saucony Freedom ISO 2

Are you looking for well-cushioned, durable and flexible neutral running shoe before 2018 ends? If yes, you can never go wrong by choosing Saucony Freedom ISO 2. They are breathable and offer a great level of comfort.

They come with an ISOFit system that ensures they fit you excellently and in addition, they offer adequate stability, and supportive and protective abilities. Even though these shoes are expensive, they are durable and will definitely give value for your money.

3. New Balance 880v8

New Balance 880v8 shoes are among the best shoes for runners that offer comfort and flexibility and will ensure that you don’t complain of ache and pain during and after running. They are superb for all runners and the fact that they are durable will definitely give you value for your money.


The upper part of the shoe is made of mesh for great ventilation and breathability when running and to make it even more interesting, the midsole is cushioned for comfort. In addition to being lightweight, they absorb shock thus preventing stress to your knees and joints.

4. Mizuno Wave Creation 18

Mizuno Wave Creation 18 is a great natural running shoe that provides flexibility, great arch support, has an amazing cushioning ability and absorbs shock.

This shoe is durable and gives you value for your money. It has great breathability and comes with a stretchable material for flexibility.

5. ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20

ASICS GEL-Nimbus shoes have gained popularity among the best neutral running shoes in 2018, and for good reasons. They come in different colors thus giving you an opportunity to choose one based on your favorite color.


They are well-cushioned, comfortable, breathable, responsive, and play an important part in improving gait. Interestingly, they come with a Guidance Trusstic System that offers additional stability thereby ensuring that your foot is well secured,

Bottom line

Running is one of the best physical activities we have around; it is fun and helps you live a longer healthier life. However, running could be a challenge especially when you choose the wrong shoes but because we care so much about you, we have provided a list of the best neutral running shoes which will help narrow down your choices and make an informed choice in buying one before 2018 ends.