As excited as you might be for moving out and getting to a new place, there are many things you have to think about before you lock the door of the old place and move all of your stuff to the new one. Some of the things are fun (getting rid of a pile of junk is very satisfying) while others are outright stressful (we’re looking at you, packing checklist). In order to help you transition from one place to another as smoothly as possible, we’ve prepared a clean-up checklist you will love:

“Attack” the bathroom

If you’re hoping to make your bathroom sparkle and shine when you move out, all you need is an all-purpose cleaner which you can easily make on your own using lemon, vinegar, and baking soda. The best thing is that it’s perfectly natural and you can use it for every surface in your home too, not just the bathroom. Arm yourself with a sponge and rubber gloves and “attack” the floors, tub, sink, and toilet bowl, and if you notice any mold or stains in the corners, just use a toothbrush to get rid of it.

Decide what you’re letting go

Even though some people are willing to move entire houses across the country (it’s not uncommon in New Zealand, Chile, and the US), moving is a chance for you to leave something behind and get a fresh start. This is especially important if you’re throwing a lot of things out in the first place, as Australians are known for doing when moving. It doesn’t matter if they’re moving from the suburbs and need their garden waste removed or they’re changing apartments and want to get rid of old couches and bikes, people are relying on experts for junk removal in Sydney. This way, they will dispose of the waste in a responsible way and start over in the new apartment with “no strings attached”.

Wipe down walls

You might think that painting the walls is the only way to make sure they’re clean, but it’s not the case. If you’re looking to remove any dirt or tape residue from the walls of your home, you can wipe them down using a soft cloth soaked with warm water. If you have children and notice crayon and pen marks on the walls, you could also use mild soap as it will not cause damage. You should also remove all nails from the walls and use spackle for the holes, and if you notice any scratches or marks, use a trisodium phosphate substitute and a magic eraser to cover them up.

Leave appliances spotless

You wouldn’t believe how dirty all of the common appliances can get until you try to clean them up. Grime, dirt, and grease will stick to everything in your apartment, especially the appliances you keep in the kitchen such as the fridge, microwave, and the stove. With a simple sponge and an all-purpose cleaning solution (you can use the same one you prepared for your bathroom), wipe the surface of the appliances to remove residue build-up and clean any stains. Also, make sure you wipe inside of the oven as well as the microwave because accidental spills will leave food particles behind.

You might want to get out of your old apartment as soon as possible and get all settled in your new place, but you shouldn’t rush things too much. When you start early and take your time, you’ll be more likely to cover everything and get your deposit back, and both you and your old landlord will be happy with how things worked out.