We have many ways through which an individual can learn about The history and culture of The Native Americas from different regions of America. By visiting some of these ancient cites reach in Native traditions and culture.

You will be able to purchase a variety of authentic goods. Here are five places where you can easily buy Native American crafts and jewelry that are authentic.

1. Cocopah in Sedona

This place is found in Sedona Arizona. It is claimed to be Arizona’s oldest jewelry store. It offers a wide variety of jewelry ranging from Tlaquepaque arts and crafts.


It also features a large selection of beautiful turquoise beads and Zuni earnings. It this jewelry being offered here does not satisfy you then you can opt for Navajo necklace that are localized made and designed.

2. Cameron post, Cameron Arizona

This is another historic destination that has a wide variety of handmade crafts and jewelry, home décor and other collectables.

This Post has been in use and showcasing American crafts since 1916. At this post, you will find all sorts of old Jewelry.

3. The Indian market in Santa Fe- Mexico

This is another location where you will find pretty and nice handcrafted items. it had been selling this jewelry since 1922. It started as an Indian fair, but today it hosts many talented Native American artists that gather here to showcase their talents.

4. Taos Pueblo


This is one of The fewest places in American where The Native Americans still reside. It is a UNESCO world historic and heritage site.

5. Pink Camel Boutique

Silver Eagle has The largest gallery for Native Americans. This venue is the home of much-handcrafted jewelry and Native American merchandise from twenty different Native American nations.These are The best places to but best and authentic jewelry in America