A happy and fulfilled life is one that brings you joy, contentment, and satisfaction. This is the kind of life where everyone including yourself is always happy with you. The following are 5 choices that lead to a happy, fulfilling life.

I. Stop Playing the Victim Role

You should include as your first action after you have empowered and energized your spirit to embark on the journey towards your purpose in life. Decide, Act, Try Again, and Succeed.

.Educate yourself

Educate yourself and fight for your freedom with everything you got. Wisdom is your true wealth and ultimate power.

3. Re-discover yourself continually

Exercise your freedom to grow, expand and evolve continuously. Do not be afraid to show the world your transformation into the beautiful being you were intended to be.

Beautiful young woman looking at camera in the street.

Never shy away from change and rather learn to expect it in your life. Always remain moving forward onto your mission of purpose. Remember you are a work in progress that God is molding into a warrior.

4. Feed your own happiness

Once you start to pursue your purpose, please expect opposition. Obstacles you once thought you had abandoned will resurface, and new ones will emerge. It is just the way the Universe allows you to take a stand and reaffirm your decisions. Just know that it really all works to your ultimate advantage.

Most beings are not comfortable with change, so understand that support in your transformation will be minimal.

But, remember your purpose is to change your world positively thus affecting others positively, and others will begin to appreciate the blessing. Get in the habit of motivating and encouraging yourself. God will be cheering you on all the way!

5. Seize your moment of opportunity now


Take your position in life for it has been given to you a choice to pursue your destiny and accomplish your every goal in life. If you show yourself a soldier to God, God will provide you with the power to achieve all your dreams.
Be inspired to live a Healthy Life style with the above 5 choices that lead to a happy, fulfilling life. read more about choices that lead to a happy and fulfilling to better your life.