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Advice on how to simply keep your house perfectly clean as you always want to have a shine on it.Best paints to use in your house to have the perfect touch and have things looking mixed up.Best tiles that will give your bathroom the best look as you want to feel home in the shower.Natural materials to make your furniture that will be both beautifying and warm


November 14, 2018

When Choosing Your Material What Is Wise To Consider ?


 One of the best ways to select natural furniture is by use of sustainable harvest wood. This is Eco friendly and provides the best ambiance full of nature. It’s important also to consider the sustainability of the Eco system and hence it would be wise to use reclaimed wood rescued from old barns, factories and warehouses.


Sea grass

 Sea grass is actually in plenty and has not been exploited to its maximum .It’s found at submerged marine environment in shallow water and would give you house that marine touch. Have you ever dreamt living by the sea? Get some grass. The furniture made of sea grass is ideal for and outdoor area of relaxation as you catch a breeze 


Rattan CoreIt’s 

Weaving of fibers milled from the core of rattan pole. Rattan is similar to the bamboo of its tropic climates. It’s extremely long lasting and would be quite supreme for baskets and sofas. For the baskets it’s light and beautiful. The sofas are easy to carry when redesigning your house space or when moving out. 

5 Signs that the Roof needs Repair

5 Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair

Roofs are your cover and any defect may lead to some damages to the house and to you if extreme. Some of the indicators that your roof needs repair include:


Clogged gutters

Once you notice that your gutters are not well drained its important to get this attended to as during the rain this may cause serious damage to the roof as water will be held on one are.


Algae and wet spots

You may happen to notice some changes to the roof color of dark spots of algae. This may be a result of moisture on the roof and a sign that you now need to repair.



The roof may be leaning towards one side as compare to how it was previously. This may be because of a couple of issues such as it was not properly fit, rot or water damage. This may cause the roof to tear apart if not attended in time so it’s better late than never.


Holes of light

Exterior light visible inside through the roof is a clear indicator that there are some holes on the roof. The holes may end up getting bigger on dry days and so repair should be made. The holes may not necessarily require you to seal them but even have the whole roof torn apart and have another roof.


Roof age

The roof may age up due to use of non long-lasting material that may end up ripping the roof apart or form cracks on it. This calls for an immediate attention to save your roof.

5 Simple Ways to Clean your Kitchen

Cleaning a kitchen is like any other process, considering the fact that food stuffs are mainly handled in the kitchen there are steps one should go through in order to have a hygienic kitchen. Lets guide you through this just to make it a piece of cake. Here are some of the simple ways to clean your kitchen:


Fresh lemon clean

The normal natural lemon is a disinfectant and may provide a simple wash that’s quiet effective to wash your kitchen. Use its juice as the wash fluid on areas that you need to be clean and make a thorough wash and certainly you will have a sparkle.


Vinegar wash

Pull out the vinegar and dilute it as it can be harsh on your hands if used in excess and you surely don’t want your hand to smell like vinegar. If you have a spray bottle pour the vinegar inside and use it to disinfect the areas you need to clean like the counter tops and the dishwasher.


Trash can

Garbage may not be the best smell if in your house so just be wise and not lazy and empty the trash. If left to accumulate this may bring some odor and flies into your house. Do you really want a fly in your butter nut soup? Just empty it and avoid this.


Manage all kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils should not be left just hanging anywhere. Be careful and place them on one area before you wash them. This can save you breakages and also the hustle of missing one utensil to clean.


Mop clean

Your floor in the kitchen should always be clean. What better way than a mop? Grab a mop and a mop bucket with water and a little detergent and ensure you reach all the corners of the house. Ensure you rinse the kitchen dry to avoid accidents such as falling down.


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Best Tiles for your Bathroom

Tiles provide the right waterproof surface for your bathroom and floor of water when fit right. Bathroom tiles should be a little bit rough as this is a wet area and you don’t want people slipping off. Here are some tiles to make your bath be cozy. Long Sized Tiles

Large tiles make the bathroom look elegant especially if they are long and wide. They bring out the urban touch of tiles to the bathroom with no reasonable doubt.

Ceramic Tiles

They are both expensive and inexpensive but bring out beauty in your bathroom as they are available in your bathroom.

Stone Tiles

They are made up of synthetic or manufactured stone products. One may order to texture either rough or smooth. An ancient feeling it brought out into the bathroom making it exciting. This was used in the roman era.

Mediterranean Flair Tile

These are ideal for your bathroom wall of premium quality. It’s slightly grey and has a supper subtle effect to your bathroom. Be and wise to use this tile in a flat surface wall bathroom.

Eclectic tile

If you want a Mediterranean design of tiles this is just what you are looking for your bathroom. It comes with various designs that bring a touch of the sea and a beautiful ambiance.