Thursday, August 17, 2017 

Chicago Central Referral System Assessment Tool

Welcome to the Central Referral System (CRS). If you are homeless or living in a shelter, you can apply for housing on the CRS. The housing available on this website includes:
  • Permanent Supportive Housing: affordable housing with services
  • Permanent Housing with Short Term Supports: affordable housing with services for up to 24 months
The CRS asks you questions about your eligibility for supportive housing. You will be asked for your name and contact information. If someone is helping you with this application, we will ask for their contact information. By completing the application, you are not guaranteed housing. You may not be eligible. If you are called for an interview, you will be asked for additional information. You will need documentation of homelessness. At this time, the CRS is not being used by all Chicago PSH programs.

Please e-mail your questions to

If you need the paper version of this application, please e-mail It is available in large print and in languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, French, and Polish.

The CRS was developed by Corporation for Supportive Housing in partnership with the Chicago Planning Council on Homelessness.

This project has been made possible through The Chicago Community Trust and the Polk Bros. Foundation.

Update for youth and individuals:

If you are experiencing homelessness and enrolled in any shelter or outreach program, you can ask the staff within this program if they can complete the Standardized Housing Assessment with you or link you to someone who can do so. This assessment records your current situation and needs so that you can be connected to a housing program, if eligible, when there is an opening. Housing programs range from transitional housing to short term rapid rehousing to permanent supportive housing.

If you are not connected to any program you can drop by an access point to get connected to a Skilled Assessor who will complete this assessment with you and assist you in obtaining shelter if that is your goal. You can also go to 10 S. Kedzie or call 311 from a hospital or police station to be connected to a shelter.

For more information on access points please visit the CSH website at

To submit an application, please answer the question below to proceed.

Which of the following choices best describes your current housing situation:

Living on the streets or other location not fit for people to live in like a car, abandoned building, bus/train/subway station or airport

Living in an emergency shelter, in a hotel/motel that is paid for by an organization, or fleeing domestic violence with nowhere to go tonight

Living in an institution (examples include a nursing home, jail or prison, mental health hospital)

Living in an interim housing program

Living in a permanent housing with short-term support program (such as New Hope Apartments, Families Building Community, etc)

Living in a permanent housing unit for formerly homeless persons (such as SHP, Shelter Plus Care, or SRO Mod Rehab)

Staying with family and friends in a room, apartment or house

Temporarily living in a hotel/motel that you are paying for yourself

Renting your own apartment or house (with or without a housing subsidy/program)

Living in an apartment or house that you own

Have you ever served in the United States military?

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